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The perfect balance between comfort and support is a very personal thing but it can also be an easy thing to achieve. Many mattress companies in the digital era, claim that they have engineered a single “perfect” mattress for everyone. To us, this is simply not possible nor could it be. The fact is that everyone is different. Not only do people find different things to be comfortable, but there is also a lot of grey area between what is “recommended” and what is actually preferred by the individual. So, what is actually recommended? Today, we will look at different advice we have for each type of sleeper. We will also look at 2 guiding rules that our sleep specialists at Dozy employ when we help you find your perfect mattress.

Rule #1: Your body will roll you over around 40 times per night. This means that no one truly sleeps on just one side of their body and this is something you need to accommodate for when choosing a mattress.

Rule #2: We never recommend anything too soft. We sell medium firm mattresses as a base-line but we are a manufacturer so we have the ability to customize the mattress per our customers’ request, such as shape (length or width), density (soft or firm), etc. However, a mattress which is too soft often lacks support and should only be considered as a recommendation by a physician.

Side note: when we list the following advice, we are assuming that the majority of people like to fall asleep a certain way and only once they’ve fallen asleep do they start to toss and turn.

Side Sleepers: Side sleepers tend to sleep with the most narrow point of contact with the mattress. Considering this, a side sleeper will need more pressure relief and will probably benefit most from a pillow top, or something with a softer surface.

Tip: Try to look for a mattress with a nice layer of memory foam (gel-infused or not); your shoulder and hip will appreciate this long-term.

Back Sleepers: Back sleepers are lucky! Most likely, they can fall asleep anywhere and as such can get away with just about anything. However, you will still need a strong support for the weight of your core. Something like pocket coils will help support the weight of your shoulders and hips. Your back is curved unlike the front of your body, which is why having a good support system that will contour the lower back is important.

Tip: Think about the other types of comfortable objects you use on a daily basis; desk chairs, car seats, etc. All of these objects rely heavily on lumbar support, your mattress should too.

Stomach Sleepers: The front of your body is relatively flat, there is no arch like in your back. However, your body has irregular weight distribution throughout. For example, your hips and shoulders weigh more than your legs and abdomen. So once again, if you get a soft mattress, your hips will sink in to the mattress and cause the small of your back to kink.

Tip: If you prefer a softer mattress, you might be able to get away with it. But we still recommend choosing one with a bit of support to keep yourself from waking up with lower back pain.


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