The High Park


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Product Description

Undisturbed sleep
2″ Transition foam
Dozy 416 Coil
Breathable channel quilted cover

Buying experience was great, no pressure to buy dave was very friendly. Price was also waaay better than the boxed mattresses, will upgrade my rating to 5 star if i feel it deserves it after i have time to sleep and test the mattress,


Very nice and clean store, the mattresses feel good and high end. Prices are surprisingly low and delivery is free of charge, they don't have flyers or price cards there, perhaps it's because this Centre just recently opened.

2.5″ of a high density foam rests atop to give you comfort and breathabilty, while remaining durable and supportive.
“Breathable textiles and a channel quilt allow for airflow and reduced heat retention.
“The 416 Dozy Coil, combines both durabilty and support without driving up costs.

Notice something? We skipped the middle man.

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S, SXL, D, Q, K

Box Spring

S, SXL, D, Q, K


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