All new Dozy mattresses are equipped with a 10-year limited warranty.

For 10 years following the day of delivery your Dozy mattress will be covered by our warranty, no fee or deductible will be charged for any repair or replacement if your mattress has been deemed defective and is covered under warranty. If you mattress defects during the comfort guarantee, the period will be paused and resumed after re-delivery.

The limited warranty covers the following:

1. An indentation greater than 1.5” caused by the degradation of the mattress. (must be
using a proper foundation)
2. Defects on the seam of the mattress.
3. Degradation of the mattress that causes the foam to split, crack, or the coils to shift.
Provided proper use and handling.

The limited warranty does not cover:

1. A normal increase in softness after any period of time.
2. A change in mattress preference. (comfort, type, style etc.)
3. Stains, burns, and liquid damage voids the warranty.
4. Damage associated with the use of a poor foundation.

Returns and Exchanges

You may return or exchange an item within 60 days provided it is unopened and unused. The original sales receipt must be present (Online orders excluded). If you plan to return an opened and used mattress see the comfort guarantee section below.

Comfort Guarantee

Dozy is confident with the comfort guarantee of the mattresses we have created and can create. If the Dozy mattress is tried during the 125 comfort guarantee and not enjoyed for any reason, we will exchange the mattress at no charge or for the difference if you choose to switch to another model (up to 2 times). During the comfort guarantee, we will work with you to either exchange the mattress for a different one or remake you a new mattress given the new parameters you would like us to follow. Dozy does require you to keep the mattress for a minimum of 60 nights to ensure the mattress has been properly worked in and both you and the mattress have adjusted to each other.

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