Mattress and Product Purchase Policy


All new Dozy mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty.

No fee or deductible will be charged for any repair or replacement if your mattress has been deemed defective and is covered under the warranty provided you are in Toronto or the GTA.

The limited warranty covers the following:

1. An indentation greater than 1.5” caused by degradation of the mattress with no direct pressure applied (provided you are using a proper foundation: i.e. a flat hard surface – whether it is the slats, a platform, a box spring, or even a flat and even floor. Putting the mattress on an uneven surface (e.g. boxspring with a dent it, a pile of books, etc.) may void the warranty.)

2. Seam splitting greater than 2″.

3. Degradation of the mattress that causes the foam to split, crack, or the coils to shift provided the mattress is being used for sleep.

(Foam cracking and coils popping out due to, let’s say, using the mattress as a punching bag at a karate school may void the warranty.)


The limited warranty does not cover:

1. A normal increase in softness that is expected to occur from usage for any period of time.

2. A change in mattress preference. (comfort, type, style, size, etc.)

3. Stains, burns, and liquid damage void the warranty.

4. Damage associated with the use of a poor foundation

5. Exterior irregularities ie. panel separation, pilling, stitches coming undone due to wear. (use a mattress protector to prevent this)


Proper Mattress Care

In case a warranty situation does occur your mattress will need to meet some criteria. It must be clean in order for us to bring back into our facilities to service, and during the home inspection, it must have a proper set-up. Some tips to keep your mattress in good condition and the warranty intact are:

1. Use a mattress protector (hygienically & physically important)

2. Use a suitable box spring, foundation, or platform bed. Slatt spacing should not exceed 3″.

3. Rotate your mattress from head to toe every 6-8 months to ensure even wear. Do not flip your Dozy mattress, only rotate.


NOTE: Not using a mattress protector will put your mattress at risk of having its warranty voided. There are no suitable ways to wash the exterior of the mattress, having a liquid-resistant mattress protector will keep you healthy and the mattresses exterior in great condition. Dozy mattresses are meant to last and need to be taken care of as such. This is a long-term purchase.


Returns and Exchanges

You may return or exchange an item within 25-days of purchase, provided it is unopened and unused. The original sales receipt and/or invoice must be present. Opening the original packaging voids your ability to return the merchandise.

NOTE: Because we offer trial of our mattresses in-store, we assume that our customers know what is comfortable for them and so we do not offer returns or refunds on any used and/or opened mattresses, see our 125-day COMFORT GUARANTEE below for options related to any used and/or opened mattresses.


Comfort Guarantee

We want to make sure that you’re comfortable on your new Dozy. If, at some point within 125-days from the day of delivery, you realize that the mattress feels too firm, too soft, etc., and you need something firmer, softer, or just different, you are more than welcome to exchange your mattress for another Dozy model. If you exchange for a more expensive model, you’ll just have to pay the price difference. If you exchange for a cheaper model, we’ll be happy to refund the price difference. There are no extra delivery or exchange fees unless outside Toronto or the GTA.


It is also possible to make your Davisville, Summerhill, or Richmond mattress softer or firmer at no extra charge, as long as it’s within 125-days and after the 60-night break in period from the day of delivery (this offer does not apply to the Essential). The switch to a softer/firmer mattress can be done up to a maximum of 2 times.


The 125-day comfort guarantee applies to mattresses only. It does not apply to pillows. It does not apply to frames basic, platform, and/or adjustable). It does not apply to sizes – please make sure to doublecheck that you bought the correct size before opening the packaging. It does not apply to the thickness of foundations – please do the measurements to ensure that everything is the right height before opening the packaging. You can still return all these items if unopened and/or unused (see RETURNS AND EXCHANGES above).

Custom size mattresses may not be covered under this policy.

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Making a warranty claim?


For a warranty claim, we need photos of the original invoice and proof of purchase, an explanation of the problem, photos of the product in it current condition, as well as photos that showcase the issue and/or complaint.

Send an email with the above information to and our service team will guide you through the next steps.


Dozy does not keep individual customer purchase data longer than 365 days, your purchase material is your responsibility.

(pro tip: put the invoice under your mattress when you get it home so you’ll never lose it!)