Cool gel

Cool gel-infused memory foam is used as the top comfort layer to help keep you cool while sleeping on the mattress. This layer will also add a great amount of comfort and pressure relief!

The layers

The Davisville is made-up of three different layers. From the bottom up we have a high density foam core, a transition foam layer and the top being gel-infused memory foam.

No motion transfer

Foam based mattresses are unique in that they do not transfer any motion as a built in standard. With a coil based mattress you can only achieve this with pocketed coils.


The Davisville


The Davisville has three different layers that work together to keep you comfortable and supported throughout the night.


Soft, breathable, and pressure-relieving gel-infused memory foam is used on top, and the two layers below get increasingly firmer and more supportive. This way you transition seamlessly from the comforting layers to the supportive layers!

the davisville mattress

Rest assured

The Davisville Mattress is equipped with a 10-year warranty.

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Your DOZY Davisville Mattress comes with a 125-night comfort guarantee.

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