The Davisville

A pressure relieving & breathable all foam mattress


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  • - 10” Thickness - Standard Size sheets recommended

  • - Type - All foam

  • - All foam composition promotes pressure relief

  • - Gel infused memory foam provides comfort and temperature regulation

  • - The Magnificent Middle provides extra support to the hips and lower back

  • - Holo-fil quilting seperates your warm body from direct contact with the foam

  • - Foam composition promotes pressure-relief

  • - Open-cell foam supports breathability and pressure-relief

  • - The Magnificent Middle provides targeted support for your hips and lower back

  • - Holo-fil quilting separates your body from the insulating foam which promotes cooling

  • - The Davisville mattress is a 6/10 with 10 being as firm as a carpeted floor.

  • - The Davisville is firmer than most foam mattresses on the market and is definitely firmer than almost all foam mattresses that come rolled up in a box. The Davisville does not get rolled up due to its firmness.

  • - The Davisville is designed to give you a sensation of being on top of the mattress and not sunken in and trapped. This makes it easier to roll over and get in and out of bed as well as stay cool.

  • - The Davisville can be customized to suit your individual comfort preferences. If you’ve spoken to a representative in the store about this, feel free to place your order without specifying the firmness, when we reach out about delivery you can tell us then or leave it in the “customer notes” during checkout.

  • - The Davisville is part of our Original line which means this mattress is made to order.

  • - Leases for condos and apartments usually start on the 1st or the 15th of every month so it is recommended that you order as far in advance as possible if your desired delivery day is on or around these times.

  • - The Davisville could be ready for delivery in as little as two days depending on when you order and it can take up to 5 days during our busy times.

  • - Upon ordering your mattress you will then receive a confirmation email of your order and then a follow up email or call from a representative to discuss delivery once the order has been received.

  • - Dozy does not use large third party organizations to handle shipping, we use smaller local courier companies so we can accurately select a day and time for you to be home.

  • - The Davisville is not a mattress that comes rolled up in a box.

  • - Freight and service elevators are not required by us, but you may want to check with your building.

  • - This is a full delivery service which means we bring the mattress right into your bedroom. If you have a bed already set-up our team will be happy to remove the packaging and lay the mattress onto a pre-set-up bed.

A Point of Comfort

The Davisville is an all foam mattress that tries to be the opposite of the standard rolled-up bed in a box. The Davisville is firmer than the average boxed mattress because it doesn’t come in a box. This mattress is more breathable because it uses real quilting and breathable open cell foam. We have combined modern innovation with traditional qualities that work to bring forward a pressure-relieving foam mattress that is also breathable and won’t have you feeling sunken in and trapped.


The Davisville mattress use quilting which is a tried and true way to reduce heat retention at the surface level of a mattress.

Modern smooth top mattresses that have a typically flat finish allowing the insulating foam to store heat close to the surface forcing you move around to find a cooler space. Ours promote airflow and comfort.


  • The Davisville as far as foam mattresses go is excellent for cooling and breathability. Having a real quilting on it and having open cell foam underneath this will beat out any modern smooth-top bed in a box. If you value breathability, avoid mattresses that come with built in zipper covers, this is a tell tale sign that the mattress doesn’t have any quilting on the surface.

  • The Davisville mattress is a real mattress. Real mattresses do not come rolled up. The best mattresses are designed to be slept on for years not designed to be easily shipped in a box. Also the Davisville is designed to be firmer and mattresses that come rolled up are always softer.

  • The Davisville is about a 6/10 in terms of firmness based on a 180lb sleeper. Keep in mind that the heavier you are the softer the mattress will be and the lighter you are the firmer the mattress will be. Each way 50lb will equate to a point gained or lost on this scale.

  • The Davisville is a great mattress for side sleepers because it is foam based. So even though this mattress is firm there are not coils that are directly applying pressure to your shoulder and hip area. This mattress is a great middle ground for couples or individuals who appreciate a firmer bed but do want pressure relief.

Rest assured

The Davisville is equipped with a 10-year warranty.

Conveniently shop online or in-store.

Your Dozy mattress comes with a 125-night comfort guarantee.

Free in-home delivery within 2-6 days of purchase.