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We are a Canadian manufacturer of sleep products founded in 2017 by a young entrepreneur who has turned knowledge gained from almost a century of family history in the industry into a well rounded source for reliable advice on all topics sleep, outstanding products with a strong local review presence from Google, and the beginnings of a step towards a more philanthropic future for Toronto.

Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold, we offer the best service in the industry based on two principals:

Educating - The mattress and sleep industry is an industry ripe with misinformation, crafty tactics, and the hope that customers that walk into a mattress showroom or stumble on their website are uneducated and misinformed on the industry, this is where they can easily take advantage of a misinformed audience. We aim to change that by equipping our customer service reps with the tools to help you educate yourself properly on the industry, what you're buying, and how it works. Whether you buy a mattress from us or not, after you speak with us, you will leave more equipped to make the right decision.

Service - Over the last 7 years we've perfected our delivery system, comfort guarantee, warranty, and sales experience to put our customer first. Our delivery system has been perfected to arrive at an agreed upon day and rough time with a 30 minute heads up phone call, our comfort guarantee has been stream lined and simplified to get you out of an uncomfortable situation quickly, our warranty service is fast and easy with our mattresses being manufactured right here in Toronto, no lengthy delays on repairs or replacements, and finally our sales experience puts educating and informing first and selling you the product second.

These two things have allowed us to create an environment that is both comfortable and productive to helping people sleep better.

Our Founder

Hi I’m Dave, the owner and founder of Dozy! Over the past decade, I’ve made it my mission to bring people a great night’s sleep. However, this mission has really been in the works for at least 60 years. In my family, there have been three generations of mattress manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers supplying sleep products for Canadians and Americans alike.

It’s now my job to bring mattresses to Canadians with my own brand, medium of service, expertise, and style. While I’ve decided to go a different route than the rest of my family, what I’ve taken with me is the knowledge of what goes into a high-quality mattress. With a keen understanding of both manufacturing and retail, we’ve grown from a small start-up in a second floor office space to a flagship showroom on Queen St W, which is one of Toronto’s most sought after retail locations.

Our Future

Ethical Expansion - As any business we have an aim to expand into markets where our products are needed. The goal isn’t to have 20 stores and saturate a market, it’s to educate digitally, have stores with effective and knowledgeable associates ready to hear about your needs, and promptly and efficiently deliver your product with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Perfecting our Products - Over the years we have spent our time reworking our line of mattresses to be more comfortable, breathable, and durable. While we only started with a simple line of three mattresses, we have expanded as we’ve gained more knowledge into what is needed and as more opportunities have opened up for us as we’ve grown.

Efficient Delivery - THE most important part of our business is the final and hardest step, the delivery of our product. We are acutely aware of the pains of something not arriving on time let alone a mattress. At Dozy we pride ourselves on trying our utmost to make sure none of our customers have a missed delivery, a backordered item, or anything that may cause them to sleep on the ground. We’ve taken a lot of time and energy to develop a system to ensure a timely and accurate delivery for all of our customers. We always show up.

Community involvement

We have been privileged to be in a position to give back to our community by working with non-profit organizations and charities to provide those in need with a comfortable place to sleep.

We have also had the opportunity to work with for-profit institutions and help them find solutions to all their sleep-related needs.

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  • Dozy was founded in 2017 with its first showroom opening on the second-floor of an office building at Spadina and Adelaide. We recently opened our flagship location at Queen and Spadina in April 2022.

  • All Dozy mattresses are 100% Canadian-made, manufactured right here in Toronto using locally-sourced materials.

  • At Dozy, we value honesty and quality over everything. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and great value, that’s why we manufacture all our mattresses right here in Toronto using locally-sourced materials so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality for the best price with the best service. We have something for everybody no matter your budget or sleeping needs. Check out this page for more details or read some of our customer reviews here.

  • Dozy is based out of Toronto, Ontario with all our mattresses manufactured and shipped locally as well. Get directions to our flagship location here.

  • Dozy offers free delivery in Toronto and the GTA with free nationwide shipping available on our Express line. Check out this page for more details.

  • Buying a mattress is one of the most put-off purchases in the home. Part of what makes buying a mattress so difficult is how much information is available both online and in-stores. At Dozy, we try to make it easy by offering a low-pressure sales environment where you can have your questions answered by one of our sleep experts. With so much misinformation and conflicting technologies out there, we keep it simple so you can get what you really need and none of what you don’t. Check out this page for more details or visit us in-store here and try our mattresses for yourself.


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