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the richmond mattress

Mattress Type: Hybrid


An Innovative new
breathable, and
pressure relaving foam


used in 70% of master
bedroom mattresses

– Canada’s favorite –


Supports the lower
back & hips. Massively
prevents sagging


Talalay Latex is

durable, breathable,

and natural

A Cool

The Richmond Mattress has two different main layers that work together to keep you comfortable and supported throughout the night.

Soft, breathable, and pressure-relieving foams are used on top of the mattress to comfort you throughout the night.

Underneath are individually wrapped pocket coils. Pocket coils contour around the natural curves of your body, providing a high level of support & durability.

the richmond mattress

Meet The Team

Open-Cell Gel foam

The top layer of the Richmond Mattress is open-cell gel-infused memory foam.

This unique foam will be especially beneficial in reducing pressure points and allowing hot air to cycle through the mattress much quicker than traditional foams.

Talalay Latex

Our middle layer which is made from latex is highly unique in that it is not a foam, but actually a rubber.

Latex is not only naturally very durable, but it is also aerated which allows air to flow freely through its channels, and away from the body.

High-Density Foam

The bottom layer of foam in the Richmond Mattress is high-density foam.

This layer is especially durable and a bit firmer than the foam layers above. It will transition you from the soft top to the firm and supportive pocket coil core below.

An improved coil system that targets the center third of the mattress to help reduce lower back pain and prevent sagging in the middle.


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