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The Foundation

The Foundation


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The Foundation will support you and your mattress while adding height to your sleep set-up.

The Foundation is built with solid pine wood and finished in a breathable grey fabric to match any style or furnishing.

The Foundation is required for any bed frame that does not have slats.


  • Height: 7” (standard)
  • Material: Pine
  • Finish: Breathable fabric
  • *Available in 2”, 4”, or 7” (standard) heights

100% Canadian Pine

The Foundation is made with 100% Canadian pine wood to ensure you are getting a high-quality support system built with ethical materials

Made to Measure

The Foundation is available in a variety of heights to ensure you have exactly what you need for any sleep set-up


The Foundation is built with solid wood and designed to prevent squeaking which ensures it’s built to last and won’t disturb you while you sleep


  • Yes, you can place The Foundation directly on the floor with your mattress on top.

  • Foundation and box spring are used interchangeably. In other words, they refer to the same thing. The term “box spring” emerged from the traditional foundation with contained springs encased in a box-like structure.

  • No, you will need a foundation depending on which frame you are using or if you want to give your sleep set-up additional height that can’t be achieved with the frame alone.

  • You will need a foundation if your frame requires one. Your frame will require a foundation if it does not come equipped with slats. If you are using a sleigh bed frame or your frame has slats, you will not require a foundation.

  • No, not necessarily. All mattresses require support whether that be the floor, a foundation or a frame. If your frame requires a foundation and you do not use one, there is a high risk of damaging both the mattress and the frame.

  • No, The Foundation comes fully assembled. It is important to consider if your doorways, hallways, and staircases will accommodate the delivery of The Foundation as it is made of solid wood and cannot be bent or squished through a tight space like a mattress can. If you believe your space will not accommodate The Foundation, contact our service team here to discuss your options.

Rest assured

The Foundation is equipped with a 2-year warranty.

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