All-Canadian sourced hardwood

All Dozy mattress foundations are made with Canadian sourced hardwood to provide a more durable foundation for your mattress!

The perfect height every time

Our foundations come in 3 different thicknesses so you can have the perfect height! Whether low and modern or tall and grand our foundations in any height will support your mattress.

A sturdy foundation for your mattress

The title says it all.

DOZY Mattress Foundation FAQs

Will purchasing a thinner foundation give the mattress less support?

No, all the foundations will provide the mattress with the same support.

Do I need to purchase a foundation if my bed uses slats?

The short answer is NO, it’s not necessary as long as the slats are no greater than 4″ apart. If however you want to add height then getting a foundation could be a great option.

Do I need to buy a new foundation for my new mattress if my current one is fine?

As long as the foundation remains flat and even and isn’t squeaking then it’s likely fine to continue to keep using it.

Do I still get a warranty if I use the mattress without a foundation?

YES! As long as the foundation provides the mattress with flat even support, and the structure is not damaged or compromised, the warranty stands!