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Find your comfort

The Dozy Motion Base will leave you with complete control of your comfort. With many different adjustments that can be made to help with pre-sleep relaxation, alleviation of snoring, reduction of acid-reflux and indigestion, and finding that perfect position, the Dozy Motion Base will definitely help you find supreme comfort throughout the night. Whatever that looks like!

Smooth adjustments

We have engineered the motion base to adjust smoothly, with no jerky stops and starts. and an incline and decline speed that is calm and comfortable.

5-Year Warranty

The Motion Base comes protected with a 5-year warranty on mechanics and a 10-year limited warranty on the non-mechanical structure and finishings.


The Dozy Motion Base has been engineered to be as quiet as possible to avoid waking anyone up with unwanted mechanical sounds.

The Right Features

Many adjustable bases come loaded full of features. In order to make the best adjustable bed possible it was important to start simple and only add a couple things that we could make work really well. Instead of making a swiss-army bed we avoided adding tacky cheap features that you will use once or have break over time.

For an item with a motor that in some cases will need to move the weight of 2 people plus a mattress it was important for us to work on this product with reliability in mind first. This way you can focus on the important part… Sleeping.

Remote Highlights

  • Built-in flashlight
  • Vibration/massage setting
  • Programable preset adjustments

Adjustable bed FAQs

Do I need special sheets to go with my adjustable bed?

It is recommended to get deep pocket fitted sheets and oversized flat sheets with sheet straps so they can stay in place and move with the adjustable bed. While it’s not necessary it is recommended.

Does delivery cover the set-up of the adjustable bed?

Yes! Our delivery does cover the set-up of the adjustable bed.

Can all of the Dozy mattresses work with the adjustable bed?

Yes! All of our mattresses have been engineered to work with the adjustable bed.

Will the adjustable bed sit inside my current bed frame?

Yes! The adjustable bed has recessed legs so it can slot right into just about any bed frame. To be sure contact us at 416-840-0224 or send us an email to contact@dozysleep.ca so we can verify the compatibility.

Are adjustable beds only good for back sleepers?

NO! Adjustable beds can help all types of sleepers find their perfect position. However it is least beneficial to a stomach sleeper.

Should I use a boxspring with the adjustable bed?

NO! The adjustable bed will be able to support your mattress without the need for any foundations or boxsprings.