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The Adjustable bed


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The Adjustable Base is designed to offer a wide range of sleeping positions for added comfort and support.

The Adjustable Base has the ability to raise and lower different parts of the mattress at the press of a button so you can increase support to certain areas of your body.

The Adjustable Base comes with preset functions to help you quickly get into positions like zero-gravity or upright for reading or watching TV.


  • Adjustable height: 15” / 12“ / 9” / 6“
  • Motors: 2 (Electric)
  • Exterior: Poly-Cotton Fabric
  • *Includes wireless remote with built-in flashlight and massage functionality

Extra Support

The Adjustable Base provides a wider range of sleeping positions that can offer more comfort and support at the press of a button

Smooth Adjustments

The Adjustable Base uses two electric motors to provide smooth adjustments that won’t interfere with your sleep or disturb any partner that may already be sleeping


The Adjustable Base works with the power of two motors engineered to be as quiet as possible to avoid waking you up with unwanted mechanical sounds


  • The Adjustable Base comes somewhat pre-assembled minus the legs which screw into the base from underneath. At Dozy, our white-glove delivery service includes free set-up with purchase of The Adjustable Base.

  • Most foam-based or pocket-coil mattresses will work with The Adjustable Base, however, ultra firm mattresses and those with a traditional continuous coil system will not work. All Dozy mattresses will work with The Adjustable Base with the exception of any customizations.

  • The Adjustable Base will fit inside most bed frames unless the bed frame contains storage drawers. The Adjustable Base is a heavy item that requires all its legs to touch the ground for support. If the bed frame obstructs the adjustable base in any way then we do not recommend the use of this product.

  • You can conceal The Adjustable Base by using a bed skirt or setting the adjustable base inside another bed frame. At Dozy, The Adjustable Base is the same size as a standard mattress so it can easily fit inside most standard-sized bed frames. However, we still recommend you check with one of our sleep experts about the specific bed frame you plan to use.

Rest assured

The Adjustable bed is equipped with a 5-year warranty.

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Your Dozy mattress comes with a 125-night comfort guarantee.

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