One comfy pillow

The Dozy pillow has been designed to give the perfect feel and comfort by using a combination of gel infused memory foam and high density foam. Using these two different foams together helps the pillow give the right amount of cushion and support with the nice addition of cool gel, you get one cool, comfy pillow.

Perfect height

Since our pillow is on the firmer side its was important for us to really consider the height, too thin of course you won’t have the support you need for side sleeping, to thick and your neck will be strained and stretched. The Dozy pillow is approximately 5″ thick which will help support the neck for side sleeping, and give a nice amount of lift for pre sleep phone scrolling, or reading.


The Dozy pillow is on the firmer side. The gel memory foam will cradle your head while give you a great amount of support for your neck. For side and back sleepers this pillow will help you stay aligned throughout the night.

We’ve got your back..
and side!

The Dozy pillow is ideal for side and back sleepers. Since this pillow is firmer and has some height to it, we recommend that stomach-sleepers find a softer and thinner pillow, Side and back-sleepers should find a great amount of comfort and support.

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