One Comfy Pillow

The Dozy pillow has been designed to give the perfect feel and comfort by using a combination of gel infused memory foam and high density foam. Using these two different foams together helps the pillow give the right amount of cushion and support with the nice addition of cool gel, you get one cool, comfy pillow.



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The Flip Side

The Dozy pillow is made up of 80% gel infused memory foam. We use this material to help keep the pillow’s temperature regulated and cool throughout the night.

Designed for Sleep

One big problem when pillows are being designed is that the designer develops the pillow with one sleep style in mind. The obvious problem is people roll around an average of 35-40 times per night, so we have designed a pillow to accommodate.

Not too firm – Not too soft. Not too thick – Not too thin.

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