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Buying a mattress can be confusing, time-consuming and costly (especially if you choose the wrong one). Let’s get into 4 different reasons why conventional mattress retailers are the worst!


#1 – Dishonest pricing

Have you ever seen a mattress sale claim up to 70-80% off? Well, it’s all a scam because, in reality, mattress technology doesn’t change and old mattresses don’t expire like milk or eggs. Big-box retailers know that it’s hard to get people excited about buying a mattress. So they mark up the mattresses at drastically high prices and then drop the prices once every two weeks for a big sale. Unfortunately, as a customer, you will quickly realize that it is actually quite a challenge to buy the bed that’s on sale because no one will want to sell it for the low commission reward.


#2 – Never selling the sale

For most salespeople, when you walk into a store and they realize that you are there because you saw a promotion, the last thing they want is to sell you that bed. Instead, they will try to upsell you to something unnecessary and way overpriced. Sometimes they would even rather lose the sale than actually write up a reasonably priced mattress. To make things worse, usually, the mattress that is actually on sale isn’t even discounted for that great of a price.


#3 – BS baffles brains

Mattress technology hasn’t changed in a long time and until we are floating in a chamber of goo (like something you see in Star Wars), we probably won’t see anything change. But without fail, big companies everywhere try their best to come out with new and improved or refined products. However, most are just sad gimmicks. Take the “coil inside a coil” as an example, which came out in the early 2000’s. Big manufacturing companies decided to put a smaller pocket coil inside of another bigger pocket coil. They charged thousands of dollars for this type of mattress. But if you can just imagine that concept for a moment, you could probably come to your own realization of how pointless that really was.

Our recommendation is to stick to the basics and try not to pay attention to things you have never heard of before.


#4 – More options than cars

There are a lot of options when it comes to mattress buying and what you will notice is that eventually, they all start to feel the same. There actually is a reason for this and it is one that the Dozy team realized we could capitalize on. When you walk into a retail store, you often see upwards of 30 different mattresses and even more different brands. However, each brand will most certainly have their beds tailored to be medium-firm on the showroom floor. This is because it is the most preferred comfort level of most customers. Of course, there are always people who like their bed to be really soft and some people who like it really firm, but the majority of people will find comfort somewhere in the middle. At Dozy, we noticed this and that is where we got our ideas for our 3 beds, which uses 3 different models that are all tailored to a medium-firmness. With this, we sell mattresses that the majority of people really do love sleeping on.


#5 The “Free Return” Trick

I think that it is safe to say that 99% of people have been sleeping on a mattress every night for pretty their entire lives. But why is it that many new online mattress retailers are assuming that you don’t know what you like in a mattress? They often make consumers feel like they have not yet built up a preference to what they like in a mattress. The genius behind this idea has created a system where you can buy a mattress online from your old bed (which you probably hate) and all of a sudden a neat box appears on your front step. Web retailers also understand that unsatisfied customers return things 22% less often than someone who purchased in a store. Is this because most people simply don’t want to return the items thinking that it will be too difficult? Maybe they think that you can’t just walk into a store and get your money back? But take a moment to think about how much more difficulty there is in returning a mattress that comes in a box. To keep this post relatively short, many people are able to walk into a store and select a mattress they know will be good for them. I, for one, am not willing to gamble on the comfort of a new mattress and lose sleep over it. Don’t let these companies with “hassle-free” return policies trick you into their products all the while knowing that you will have too much trouble trying to return it, should you change your mind.


Dave Owen

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Dozy is a local, Toronto mattress and bed manufacturer. All our mattresses are manufactured in North York and we distribute our mattresses exclusively across the GTA.  We offer the best value to Torontonians because we keep our distribution local, and our prices low! Canadian made foam, coils, and quilts that are manufactured locally are of superior quality. Unlike our competitors, none of our mattresses are compressed. By supporting fellow Canadian businesses you help to improve our economy which keeps our country prosperous.


Dozy Sleep is proud to help all Torontonians get the rest they deserve. We distribute our products to local communities such as the Entertainment District, Regent Park, Summerhill, Rosedale, Yorkville, Liberty Village, The Annex, Leslieville, Little Italy, Little Portugal, Church & Wellesley and many more!