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First, let me tell you a bit about the man behind the mattresses. I’m Dave and I started my journey in the mattress industry doing deliveries for a small, family-owned business. I had always looked up to the owner, so when one of the salesmen called in sick and he needed someone to fill in, I happily obliged. From there, I got a crash course on the basics and thus began my mattress-selling career.



After many years spent learning the ins and the outs of the industry, I realized that all the mattresses I was selling were basically the same thing. With a limited amount of brands supplying materials, I realized that our customers were being charged far too much. I also realized that this meant that I was a middle-man. And this might have helped make sales but it definitely didn’t help make friendly, lasting relationships with the customers. I decided that there was something to be done and that I was going to be the one to do it!

A Brand Was


After much time spent thinking about how I could go about changing such an out-of-date industry, I decided it was best to go straight to the source; a new way to sell. So I went out on my own with just a few connections and I began building  3 mattresses that would cater to every customer’s needs. And thus Dozy was born! Now bringing our customers great mattresses, all at even greater prices, and delivered right to your bedroom from our factory in downtown Toronto.

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