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4 Reasons to choose Dozy

By September 17, 2017Dozy

In a world where mattress review websites are owned by other mattress companies, and where the majority of mattress brands we see today all claim THEIR foam mattress is the best; We have made it easy to understand why we are your best choice.

Locally manufactured in Toronto

Dozy mattresses are manufactured locally in Toronto reducing long haul shipping costs and reducing our ecological foot print.

We Have an Option For Everyone

We understand that everyone has different needs, the two biggest needs when it comes to a mattress are physical and financial needs. Our line of mattresses will not only provide a mattress that fits your budget and saves you money, but also provide you with a comfort that is preferred by you and not the brand selling them.

We have a showroom in Toronto

Many modern mattress companies are forcing you to buy their mattress exclusively online, and if you don’t like it they throw it in a landfill. We have a showroom conveniently in the heart of downtown Toronto for anyone to come try our mattresses before purchase. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, you can still always purchase online.

We Don’t Compress our Mattresses

Compressing your mattress is a terrible idea. If you have ever had an issue with a sagging mattress you will know body weight alone, repeatedly laying down on a mattress will leave a mark. What’s the difference if your mattress comes wrapped up in a small cardboard box and has been sitting in a warehouse for 2-4 weeks, and how much life of the mattress do you really end up losing?


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