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Why Dozy?

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Why choose our mattress compared with the hundreds of other mattress companies out there? It’s simple!


First of all, Dozy is a Canadian mattress company which means our mattresses are designed and built by Canadians, for Canadians. But there are other Canadian companies as well, is what you may be saying but once again, the answer is simple. It is true that there are other companies, however, many of these companies have broken into the industry with the idea of selling their mattresses inside of a box. In most cases, mass produced, crushed into a box, and sent via Fedex. At Dozy, we realize that this is no way to treat something that most people spend over a third of their life on. But we did see that customers were looking for an easier, more digital way to shop and from that, we saw an idea. An idea to produce and ship our mattresses the way they should be; locally and with care! No stores with hundreds of fancy designs, sleazy salesmen on commission, or overpriced shipping and handling fees.

Secondly, in our research at Dozy, we found that most customers enjoy the comfort of a mattress that is medium-firm (whether it was memory foam, pocket coil, or a combination of both). That’s why we decided to develop one of each! We offer 3 variations of medium-firm mattresses so we have something for everyone.  

Furthermore, to keep our priority on our customers, we offer our mattresses at different price points to help you get exactly what you want and need without breaking the bank. Our most affordable mattress is our High Park, which is perfect for guest rooms, students, and anyone on a budget. Next, we have our Yorkville, which is our gel memory foam and is a perfect “middle of the road” option. Finally, we have our Forest Hill which is our most luxury model and is perfect for your master bedroom and a great night’s sleep.

Lastly, Dozy further guarantees our customers will love their new mattress but we understand that sometimes things don’t work out. That’s why we offer all of our customers a 125 night comfort guarantee to let our customers know we care about more than their money.

All in all, we really value our customers and believe everyone deserves the benefits of a great quality mattress no matter their budget. And so, we have done everything in our power to help make buying our mattress just as comfortable as sleeping in it.


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Dozy sells high-quality mattresses that are made and sold only in Toronto. We operate out of two locations, one in Etobicoke, and the other in the heart of Toronto. Come try out mattresses today!

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