Cheap Mattresses in Toronto

How to Buy an Entry-Level Mattress

Toronto is no stranger to “cheap mattresses”. There are many warehouses and factories touting to have the lowest prices from $99 and up. Generally, everyone has a different reason for purchasing a mattress, but a cheap queen-sized mattress for under a hundred bucks is, in every case, too good to be true. No matter who is selling these so-called cheap mattresses, whether they’re big or small, the cheapest entry-level price for a mattress of any substance will start at a minimum of $175. There are many requirements you may have when purchasing a mattress and if pricing is at the top of your list, then we can talk about how to stretch your dollars and buy a great mattress for a low low price.

Avoid the Promotional Mattress

Some big-box retailers have a promo mattress displayed that is designed to get you in through the door. It can look very appealing in their marketing but it’s typically just there to get you in the door, and it will usually look so bad that you end up upgrading to something better. It’s better to inform them of your price and ask to see something similar – chances are they will have something for a few more dollars that is leaps and bounds better.


Pro tip: Look around and see what’s out there, there are always good cheap mattresses around, but 9 of 10 times they’re off to the side as they don’t sell too many of them.

Understand the Specs

Having a good understanding of your desired specs will ensure that you can sift through what is a good deal and what is a bad deal. If you can comparatively shop coil counts, and quality of foam you won’t be taken advantage of, but if you are unable to sort through this information critically you will most likely make the wrong decision. Therefore, always prepare some questions to ask the sales people in advance, if money is tight and you need something cheap and cheerful the pressure will be on to stretch your dollars and get something that will last and be comfortable.


Pro tip: Preparing a short list of questions will ensure that you’re prepared and knowledgeable in the store and will keep you from getting mislead, even if you haven’t done too much research.

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