Frequently Asked Questions

About Dozy

What is Dozy?
What are the corporate values Dozy believes in?
Does Dozy have a showroom?
Why 3 mattresses?
What makes one of your mattresses better than another?
Why do we make our mattresses in Canada.
Why does Dozy have a store, if other E-tailers do not?

The Mattresses

Do the Dozy mattresses sleep hot?
Why are Dozy mattresses not compressed in a box for shipping?
How long should a Dozy last?
Will the Dozy mattress dent?
What are the dimensions of the Dozy mattress?

The Davisville

What type of mattress is The Davisville?
What is the main feature of this mattress?
Will I feel motion transfer on the Davisville?
What are the layers in The Davisville?
What are the benefits of a fully foam mattress?
How firm is The Davisville model?

The Summerhill

What type of mattress is The Summerhill?
Why is The Summerhill considered your “Best” model?
How many pocket coils are in The Summerhill model?
What are the benefits of a hybrid mattress?
Why is there not more coils in your “Best” model?
How firm is The Summerhill?
What are the layers of The Summerhill?

The Osgoode

What type of mattress is the Osgoode?
How much foam is used on top?
Will this mattress transfer motion?
How firm is The Osgoode?
What is the benefit to this type of mattress?

The Adjustable Bed

Why are adjustable beds so expensive?
Where was the adjustable bed made?
What are the benefits of an adjustable bed?
Does it improve my health?
Do all the Dozy mattresses work on the Dozy adjustable base?

The Frame

What is your frame made from?
Does it have rollers or legs?
Do I need any tools for assembly?
Why do I have extra parts with my Dozy frame?
Can I put my mattress right on my Dozy frame?

The Foundation

Can I buy the foundation separately later if I find that I need it?
What is the foundation made from?
Where is the foundation made?
Does the box come in one or two pieces?
Do I need to assemble the foundation?


How long does it take for your products to ship?
Will I be able to choose my delivery?
Which days does Dozy deliver on?
Will Dozy set up my mattress and frames for me?
What will Dozy’s delivery services cost me?

125-Night Comfort Guarantee, Exchanges, & Refunds

What is your comfort guarantee?
Does the comfort guarantee apply to all products?
Can I get my money back if I don’t like one of your products?
Where do I go for refunds and how are they processed?