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The Sheet Set


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The Sheet Set is made from 100% Percale cotton which will provide you with a soft, cool, and crisp feel that helps you stay asleep instead of having you shuffling around trying to find a cooler spot.

Percale is a long staple fibre that is highly breathable and durable over time and softens with use.


  • Max Depth: 14”
  • Material: 100% Percale Cotton
  • Thread Count: 300

What You Get

  • 1 Flat

  • 1 Fitted

  • 2 Pillow Case

300 Thread Count

The Sheet Set has a 300 thread count, resulting in a tight-knit that gets more luxurious over time, remaining durable and softening with time and use

Crisp & Cool

The Sheet Set reduces heat retention and creates a crisper, loftier drape over the body

100% Percale Cotton

The Sheet Set is made with 100% Percale cotton weave that will last longer, sleep cooler, and soften with time


  • The Sheet Set is made of 100% Percale cotton which is a highly breathable and durable material with a crisp and cool feel.

  • The Sheet Set has a maximum depth of 14” and will fit any mattress that has a height of 14” or less. The Sheet Set will also fit perfectly on any Dozy mattresses.

  • The Sheet Set can be washed in any laundry machine, we recommend washing in cold or warm water and using half the recommended amount of a mild detergent without fabric softener, never use bleach for whitening (it will weaken the supple cotton fibers), never wash with bright colours, untangle wet sheets and tumble dry on permanent press or low heat settings. The Sheet Set is made with 100% Percale cotton which will wrinkle as with anything that is 100% cotton, we recommend smoothing and folding out any small folds, spritzing with water once stretched over a mattress with a mattress protector, or ironing on the cotton or linen setting.

  • The Sheet Set has a thread count of 300 and is made with 100% Percale cotton.

Rest assured

The Sheet Set is equipped with a 2-year warranty.

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