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Q: Buying a mattress in Toronto

A: Toronto may be the best place in the world to buy a mattress. With nearly 30 different manufacturers just in the GTA alone there is an incredible local infrastructure. While our city is home to some of the biggest foam and coil producers they have enough production power to supply almost the whole country with mattresses.


This puts us in a unique situation. Prices are low, shipping is fast and easy, and there are more options that we even know what to do with. There are a few ways that you can really make the most out of your dollars when it comes to buying a mattress in Toronto.


We’ll note them below:

Stay away from big box stores!

While it may be tempting to head into a nice establishment to take advantage of a 70% off sale, make no mistake the mattress is not 70% off.


Chances are the sale price you see is intentional, keeping prices high during slow times, to drop them during the busy times to create the illusion that you’re getting the best deal possible. Not to mention the big stores make it impossible to shop around as each retailer will get a rebranded version of the same mattresses and claim that they’re different…. due to a proprietary something or other.

Check out the local stores

Many nearby local stores will showcase small mattress brands that use the exact same materials that are in the top end mattresses carried by bigger retail stores. They typically will not engage in bait and switch tactics or huge sales to get you through the door. These are the only places you will actually be able to save money.


Support local businesses, and really get the best value for your money!

Watch out for those convenient boxed mattresses

While they tout low prices for cutting out the middleman and removing big splashy showrooms while providing shipping from coast to coast, to your front door, there are two things that drastically increase their prices, we will list them separately below:


“Free” Delivery: These bed in box companies offer a seemingly free delivery, but if you live in Toronto we hate to say it you’re getting the bad side of this deal. If you live in Espanola, Ontario, however, this probably doesn’t matter too much to you.


“Free” Returns: While free returns may be a great sounding insurance policy, a mattress is like underwear. We could leave it there but we will say more. If you return your mattress in the off chance which you’re not satisfied, these companies claim the normal rate of return is normally within .07% to less than 2%, then great you get your money back! If you don’t use this perk then you’re paying for someone else’s return and the mattress company in question will make even more from each deal.

Pro Tip

You’ve been sleeping on a mattress every day of your life and you will most definitely be able to tell which mattress is the one for you the second you lay down on it. Don’t waste your time or your money on something you can’t try first! Many online E-commerce companies have begun to use partner stores so head down and check them out.


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