At Dozy Sleep’s downtown Toronto location or online, you won’t believe how far your budget stretches!



As Regent Park’s favorite neighborhood mattress store, we started from humble beginnings to a major distributor of mattresses all across the GTA! With more than 15 years of expertise in the mattress industry, we have since evolved into Regent Park’s best-rated mattress retailer according to Google. No matter what your sleep style is, we’ll always have your back, side, and stomach, and we won’t breathe a sigh of relief until you do.






The Osgoode sets the bar at Dozy; an inexpensive, good-looking, reliable option. Combining great qualities from the traditional innerspring mattress with the innovations of top end poly foam to give great comfort and support without the hefty price tag. This mattress is always on sale at $299 for a queen size. This mattress is the bread and butter and like it’s reliability you can always count on the Osgoode to be a safe bet at a great price.






The Davisville is our take on the memory foam mattress; we have gone for a firmer design while still promoting the features and benefits of memory foam. A firm memory foam mattress can be an ideal sleep surface because it still remains very pressure relieving; if you sleep on your side and still prefer a firm mattress but don’t enjoy the pressure firm innerspring mattresses put on your shoulder and hip this can be a great alternative or compromise with your partner. Our Davisville is regularly on sale for $599 unless you have a promo code.






The Summerhill mattress is what we consider and what most of our verified buyers believe to be our best model and the best type of mattress that one can buy. Hybrid mattresses are what many couples and individuals find to be a great midpoint between supportive coils and pressure relieving foam. Our Summerhill uses a pocket coil base with the magnificent middle center third providing extra support and durability for the hips (the heaviest part of the body), and a 4″ gel infused memory foam layer on top to match the support with pressure relief.



All Mattresses are equipped with a 10-year warranty.

Conveniently shop online or in-store.

Your Dozy comes with a 125-night comfort guarantee.

Free in-home delivery within 2-6 days of purchase.

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Why Does Dozy Feature Just Three Models?

Three models mean a smaller more concentrated pool of materials to purchase from. Having such a small and specific list means that we can purchase more of these particular items and therefore we are able to get a better pricing; hence, we pass those savings on to our customers. This can mean for you that the final sale of the mattress is far greater than that of our competitor; at Dozy we have even been known to give out the addresses of our competitor’s showrooms because we are confident in our price and our quality.

Our unique local manufacturing an distribution business model allows us to use better quality foam than our competitors. The foam on top of the Osgoode is actually the same foam we use as the transition layer in the Davisville and Summerhill.


The Best Hybrid Mattress

The Summerhill mattress is our “best” mattress that is on sale at Dozy, it is our best seller when it boils down to the better and best pick for the master bedroom. A modern take on the traditional bestsellers, the Summerhill remains on sale at a competitive price point in Toronto and the GTA at $799 for a queen. Many customers who shop around after trying this mattress typically find themselves back in store or on our website due to our affordable and competitive price point, and obviously highly comfortable mattress.


The Best Memory Foam Mattress

The Davisville is the mattress that we consider to be in style right now. With endless options online and other mattress companies toting what seems to be the exact same models just in a different box or cover, we have noticed what could be a problem. Many of our customers find it hard to choose which online memory foam mattress company is right for them and then they find themselves in our store. We have designed the Davisville mattress to be a bit firmer and different from the memory foam mattresses that come in a box, and our customers seem to appreciate that. You can always find the Davisville on sale at a very competitive price: $599 for a queen size.

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The Osgoode

As the name implies, the Osgoode is our “good” entry level mattress. It will certainly keep you comfortable and supported for years to come. The Osgoode is the traditional innerspring which many people are used to, however, we have not cut corners in this mattress. Many places where you can find a cheap or one of the cheapest mattresses; you will find that they are designed to actually not be sold, just to get you through the door. Since we only sell three mattresses that is not a tactic we employ. The Osgoode remains highly competitive and as our overall bestseller, this mattress remains on sale year round at $299 for a queen.


Why Does Dozy Have the Best Price

Our mattresses are essentially always on sale or discounted. When you hear a place having an outrageous 70% off sale you must realize that mattresses don’t expire, they don’t really change, and they don’t go out of style. We have realized that having honest and straightforward pricing while keeping our mattresses on sale at a competitive but fair price, we can speak to a certain audience. People who realize that no matter how good the marketing of a company is, a mattress is supposed to be durable, comfortable, and hopefully won’t ruin the monthly budget. Once you buy the mattress you will find it ‘cool’ for about a week and then forget about it until it wears out and you need a new one. Dozy will allow you to keep some money where it’s supposed to be (under the bed) and leave you with a beautifully Canadian-made, comfortable and durable mattress.

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It’s time you get the sleep you deserve with high-quality beds. We are proud to help all Canadians get the rest they need with the best mattresses in Leslieville, Markham, Scarborough, Unionville, Brampton, Mississauga and more!