Q: "Honest" Mattress Reviews?

A: There comes a time in everyone’s life when the mattress you are currently using is not doing the job. It’s time to whip out the laptop and start checking out mattress reviews. You will quickly realize that showrooms are out and online bed in a box start-up companies have begun to take over! You quickly realize you now must become an expert on either something you’ve never purchased yourself before or haven’t purchased in nearly a decade: AKA it’s time for a new mattress.


With all the partisan reviews and affiliate marketing out there it’s hard to tell who’s actually telling the truth when it comes to reviews, it seems like everything you’ve read out there is pretty positive for the most part, giving little to no negative feedback. You’re now starting to realize that this is all part of their new game. We will discuss three things to look out for when “researching a mattress.”

Click the Link!

If you’re on a website and notice that the mattress review site has links to other mattress companies, click it and take note of the URL, if you notice the URL says something about the previous site you were just on, you can be sure that they just got paid for sending you there, and they will probably be paid even more if you actually choose to purchase it… yes, they can track that now! Be careful as the reviewing will most certainly be biased towards the mattress.

Affiliate marketing

The thing about affiliate marketing is they get their talking points from the company who sends them the bed for the mattress review. While they may sound convincing, in reality, they know probably just as much as you. They most likely will follow up the video with coupon codes with their name followed by a number usually indicating how much you will save and how much they will make and then, they receive a kickback anytime it’s used. Many people know this is how “influencers” make their money, but hey who wants to be influenced into something anyway.

Hosted Mattress Reviews

Be careful about companies that host their own mattress reviews, as this is a sure fire way for a company to suppress bad reviews and create great fake reviews. Always look for a company’s reviews directly through Google or a place like Amazon, as these giants filter out fake reviews and make sure that the company is properly represented. The bigger third party companies may not have as many reviews (because you can’t fake them) but the ones that are there will most likely give you a clearer picture about the product at hand.


The moral of the story be leery of any company that engages in affiliate marketing, hosts their own reviews, or offers an generated link, or promo code.

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