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Chronic back pain affects millions of people worldwide every day and many experience frequent sleep disruptions due to constant discomfort. Along with chiropractic, exercise and massage therapy, having the best mattress for back pain helps reduce chronic aches and pains. When you’re ready to sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free, shop Dozy Sleep‘s best mattress for back pain today.

Finding The Origins of Back Pain

Back pain can result from a wide variety of circumstances such as injury, occupational strains, daily stress, sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress or a combination of the above. Many forms of back pain have one factor in common: they worsen after a bad night’s sleep. Tossing and turning may aggravate the underlying cause. Furthermore, too much pressure on the wrong part of the body can make you feel worse than when you went to bed. While you sleep, the pressure gradually releases from your vertebrae. Because you’re laying down, your upper body is no longer applying pressure to your spine. This is why when a person wakes up, they can be up to one inch taller than when they went to bed! As the day progresses, pressure returns with gravity, and various factors such as poor posture to compress your spine throughout the day.

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Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Individuals with back pain should consider several key factors when buying a new mattress. These include material construction, thickness, and firmness of the bed, as well as the individual’s weight and preferred position. However, the best mattress for back pain offers a balance of body conforming and structural support where the bed contours to the sleeper for targeted pain and pressure relief. Searching for the best mattress for back pain can feel like you’re Goldilocks and the three bears. Some mattresses are too soft and too hard; however, there is no better feeling than when you find a mattress with the support that’s just right.

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Sinking too deep into a mattress can throwing your joins out of alignment, causing them to twist and become uncomfortable as the night goes on. Mattresses that are too soft negatively affects your sleep and increases discomfort.

best mattress for back pain


Medium level firmness mattresses perform well for individuals with back pain as they prevent the spine from curing into unnatural positions while you sleep while providing support in the places that require it.

best mattress for back pain


Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm can interfere with the spinal cord’s ability to reach its proper alignment. Recent surveys suggest that people who sleep on very firm mattresses have the poorest sleep quality.


The Best Mattress for Back Pain in Toronto

Back support mattresses made from memory foam or high-quality latex like our Summerhill mattress tends to rate the highest amongst customers with back pain. High-quality foam mattresses conform to your body’s shape, providing support to the broader parts of your body, such as your hips and shoulders, while the narrower areas of your body, such as your waist and feet, lay atop the mattress. With the best mattress for back pain, you’re able to sleep comfortably while keeping your spine straight, which allows for the natural alignment of your spine and reducing back pain.

Each layer of the Summerhill best mattress for back pain serves a unique purpose. The magnificent middle consists of reinforced coils down the center third of the mattress, providing you more support for your lower back and hips. As the hips are the heaviest part of your body the extra support and durability will improve the longevity and reduce the risk of sagging and alleviate lower back pain. The top gel memory foam layers create a soft and luxurious feel, contouring around your body and keeping you cool through the night. Furthermore, gel memory foam allows for little to no motion transfer, to provide you, your partner, or family with undisturbed sleep. Lastly, with no coils pushing up against your body, this mattress cradles your hips and shoulders while providing support where it’s needed.

Why Buy A Dozy Mattress?

Finding a mattress with the right level of support, while also encouraging a comfortable and uninterrupted night’s sleep, can take significant stress off those pressure points and help your spine relax. When you are ready to sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed, pain-free and revitalized, don’t waste another night, try Dozy Sleep’s best mattress for back pain. At Dozy, we put your needs first. With our 125-night comfort guarantee and a 10-year warranty, we ensure that you rest easy. Our mattress showroom is located 290A Queen St W in downtown Toronto and is open between 11 am and 7 pm, seven days a week. Visit us in person and test our selection of mattresses or give us a call today! It’s time you get the sleep you deserve with the best mattress for back pain in Toronto.

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Dozy Mattresses Are Proudly Made in Toronto

Dozy is a local, Toronto based company. All our mattresses are manufactured in North York and are 100% made in Canada. We serve clients all across Toronto and the GTA. Unlike our competitors, none of our mattresses are compressed. We keep our distribution local, and our prices low! Foam, coils, and quilts that are manufactured in Canada are of superior quality. By supporting fellow Canadian businesses you help to improve our economy and keep our country prosperous.

Dozy Sleep is proud to help all Torontonians get the rest they need. We serve local communities such as the Entertainment District, Regent Park, Summerhill, RosedaleYorkville, Liberty VillageThe Annex, Leslieville, Little Italy, Little Portugal, Church & Wellesley and many more!

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