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An Affordable Mattress for Toronto Students

In order to determine the best student mattress, we need to establish certain qualifying requirements. A great mattress for students needs to be supportive, comfortable and durable, while not costing a fortune. With many mattress companies offering special “promo codes” for mattresses they have intentionally overpriced, it is important not fall prey to these dubious marketing schemes and to truly find the best value for your money. We understand that being a student in Toronto is not easy. With the high cost of living in the city, to finding a place to stay and managing work and school, it can be an extremely challenging time for a student. Generally, they do not have an abundance disposable income to throw away, that’s why every dollar saved counts.


Additionally, finding a low priced mattress can be a very exciting prospect, but many of these other mattresses are manufactured so poorly that they make it easy for cunning salespeople to upsell you on something much more expensive and overpriced. As a result, it can be difficult to find a mattress company that’s reliable, dependable, affordable, and maybe even Canadian made – until Dozy.


At Dozy, we offer a simple purchasing process with our three mattress models which are transparently labelled as good, better, or best.


Our “good” mattress is called the Osgoode (yes based on the subway stop in Toronto). It’s often the perfect mattress for budget-minded students who are embarking on their journey through college or university. They will find this mattress to be reliable, comfortable and durable enough to get them through and then some. Our Osgoode utilizes a traditional mattress build which provides all the necessary comforts found in much more expensive models.

Taking Delivery

Dozy will deliver your mattress free of cost provided you’re located in Toronto or the GTA (Hamilton included). We will not only provide free delivery but we will also deliver your mattress on your moving day; this can all be coordinated and articulated at the point of purchase. However, we will need a few days notice to make the necessary arrangements to ensure an accurate and on-time delivery.

Caring for you Student Mattress

Let’s face it you’re at school, it can feel like you’re living on your bed. Many students with laptops tend to do a lot of work on it, that’s why it’s important to keep a clean work environment so you can also get a healthy restful sleep. Obviously, avoid spilling food or drinks on your mattress and making sure you keep your sheets freshly laundered (we recommend at a minimum of once a month) and to keep a water-resistant mattress protector on your mattress at all times.

It also doesn’t hurt to rotate your student mattress maybe once a semester, that way your mattress will wear evenly to look better and last longer.

If you’ve followed our student mattress guide you will definitely be able to take your mattress with you once you’ve graduated and this will also save you money!

Practice Safe Sleeping

Always use a mattress protector to easily keep dust, and liquids away from the surface of the mattress. You obviously can’t throw your mattress in the washing machine, but investing in a great mattress protector will keep your mattress clean and it will function as intended for its full lifespan. It will also keep you clean and healthy!

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