The Argument: Memory Foam Mattress vs Pocket Coil

Memory foam mattress vs pocket coil is the biggest question when it comes to a new mattress and the true answer is you are the answer. I know it sounds cliche but the only way to know which works best for you is to start trying them out; however even though the topic is subjective and there isn’t a clear answer to which one is supremely comfortable or better overall there are differences that can get you off of the fence (or your old mattress) and into a nice new comfy mattress!

To begin we will be starting with the most common of all innerspring or coil mattresses and that is the pocket coil. This type of coil is most often the one that gets chosen for a master bedroom. approximately 70% of all master bedroom mattresses in Canada are utilizing pocket coils. This doesn’t make them better or worse than foam but for now, they are the most desired type of sleep surface. Pocket coils are awesome because they give great durability and support but with the right combination of padding on top, they can have little to no bounce. Since these coils are individually pocketed they also have essentially no motion transfer.

Foam-based mattresses will typically have a few different layers, starting at the bottom with firm core foam moving up to comforting transition foam and typically a nice layer of some type of memory foam or latex at the surface. While foam is highly pressure-relieving and used on top of all coil mattresses a pure foam mattress can alleviate pressure points and be very comforting. Foam can be preferred by athletes and the elderly. What do they have in common; sometimes they can be sore from their lives and foam since it doesn’t directly push up on the body, will lack some support but make up for it in pressure relieving comfort!

Hybrids! We hear about them and we see them and we normally don’t love the price tag, but getting the best of both worlds might just be worth paying for. Hybrids use coils and foams just like the name implies and they, of course, combine the two best parts of each mattress. In our showroom when we have couples in who have their mind set on two different things a hybrid is what we like to call the compromise. It uses pocket which gives just a little bounce back underneath a large thick layer(s) of foam.

We use two hybrids for our better and best models as we find most people who come in are drawn towards something that provides both a medium firm feeling with softer foams on top and firmer coils or foam below; we find that with the coils we can target certain areas of the mattress like the horizontal center third and re-enforce the problem area on the mattress; the Magnificent Middle. Foam is used in our good model and our essential mattress to be a source of pressure relief and durability.

While the memory foam mattress vs pocket coil argument can go on for so long you’ll be put to sleep try out a hybrid and see if the combination working in tandem will be a good fit for you!

Pop in for a nap!

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