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The Argument: Memory Foam vs Pocket Coil Mattress

What type of mattress is often the most pressing question when it comes to purchasing a new one. Comfort is subjective so there isn’t a sure way to determine what type of mattress is best based on comfort alone. However, there are some differences between each type of mattress that might make one more preferable than another depending on your needs.

The “Pocket Coil” Mattress

This is the most common type of mattress available on the market today; 70% of all master bedrooms in Canada are furnished with a pocket coil mattress.

Pocket coil mattresses provide great durability and support while combining a padded foam top for comfort. The individually wrapped coils minimize motion transfer by increasing the density inside the mattress and absorbing motion energy. 

At Dozy, we offer 2 different models of pocket coil mattress; The Osgoode and The Summerhill

The “Foam” Mattress

This type of mattress will typically consist of a few different layers. The bottom layer being a firm high-density foam followed by a softer transition foam in the middle layer and some variety of memory foam or latex at the surface for comfort. 

Foam mattresses provide high-pressure relief and contour to the curvature of your body. There is also no motion transfer due to the high density of foam and its ability to absorb motion energy.

At Dozy, we offer 2 different models of foam mattress; The Essential and The Davisville

The “Hybrid” Mattress

This type of mattress was created to combine all the best features of a foam and pocket coil mattress. With a high-density foam layer on top for comfort and a pocket coil base for support, this mattress is considered “the best of both worlds”.

At Dozy, our hybrid mattress is The Richmond

Research suggests that most people prefer a medium-firm hybrid mattress, with softer foam on top and a more firm base of pocket coils for support below. This type of mattress can also be reinforced, specifically in the center ⅓, where the heaviest parts of your body tend to rest. This provides additional support and durability overall.

At Dozy, we call this reinforcement the “Magnificent Middle” which is featured in The Osgoode, The Summerhill, and The Richmond. You can read more about how we use the “Magnificent Middle” technology HERE

The argument between a foam or pocket coil mattress can be made until you’re put to sleep, why not try them all including a hybrid, and see if any or a combination is the right fit for you!

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