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Buying a new bed or mattress can be a daunting task given the vast amount of choice available, so we have narrowed the field by providing our top 5 reasons to choose a medium-firm mattress. You may have long thought that you could only sleep on a soft bed, but some of these may not offer enough support for your body. Many experts recommend a medium-firm mattress as a better alternative, but why should you consider whether this type of mattress could be a good choice for you?


1. Better Back Care

Medical advice suggests that a medium-firm mattress, or memory foam mattresses, may be best for you if you suffer from back problems or want to prevent them.

It has been shown that these types of mattress offer better support for your body. An extremely firm old-fashioned mattress, in contrast, may not contour your body as it should, whilst a very soft mattress will offer little or no support and may cause you to sleep with your spine improperly aligned.


2. Best for Couples

A modern medium-firm mattress may be best for couples, as it should prevent roll-together and allow for the most undisturbed night’s sleep possible. A very soft or unsupportive mattress may move too much, spreading the misery of a restless night.


3. A Better Wake-Up Call

A firmer mattress can make it easier to get out of bed – something that can be extremely important if you have any form of mobility problems.


4. A Longer-Lasting Investment

Some very soft mattresses can begin to deteriorate relatively quickly – sometimes just a few years after purchase. This means that it can begin to lose its tensile strength and start to offer even less support than previously.

5. A Better Body Choice

Everyone wants their body to be in the best condition possible, whether you simply want to spend your days free of pain or you want to get the best time when you run your next marathon.

A firmer or medium-firm mattress offers the most support for joints, making it a preferred choice for people who want to look after their bodies even while they sleep.


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