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Queen Size

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The Davisville

The Davisville sets the bar at Dozy; a foam based firm mattress, the combination of layers in this mattress will offer excellent support and durability. Using both high quality gel-memory foam to help keep you cool, and the innovations of top-end high density transition and core foams, will provide you with support and durability from beneath. While many foam based mattresses start off firm and end up soft, the high quality foams used in the Davisville will help keep the mattress remain resilient to softening with years of use. This mattress is on-sale at both Dozy locations for trial.


The Summerhill

The Summerhill is one of our iterations of a hybrid mattress; we have gone for a slightly firmer design while still promoting the features and benefits of pressure relief and contour that plush mattresses can bring. This mattress allows for you to sink in a bit on top but not feel trapped like some memory foam or hybrid mattresses can. Just enough sink to give you a little hug and then the coils start working keeping you propped up, making it easy to roll and around and get out of bed without putting to much pressure on your joints, shoulders, and hips. This mattress is on-sale at both Dozy locations for trial.


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The Richmond

The Richmond is our most premium iteration of a hybrid mattress. This mattress uses the most high-end foams improving on our best-selling Summerhill mattress. While on paper it does have the same benefits as the Summerhill the Richmond has better features and will do everything the Summerhill can do, but better. The combination of pocket coils, latex, and Open cell foam will make this our coolest option. The extra padding on top will provide extra comfort and pressure relief while the latex on top will keep the mattress feeling responsive, AKA you won’t feel trapped. The mattress uses highly durable foams and is designed to last longer and remain resilient to everyday use. The key to a good mattress which you intend to spend money on is making sure it’s consistent year after year.

mattress stores etobicoke


Hi! I’m Dave, the owner and founder of Dozy. I’ve been working in the sleep and furniture business in Toronto my whole life. I started at my family’s store near Vaughan working on the delivery truck. Today I run two showrooms and have created a brand that truly reflects what people want. At Dozy we work hard to make sure we have the best prices, highest quality products, and THE best service. Since we are a local business we understand that local customer are looking for the best mattress sale near Vaughan and we can make each experience unique and fulfilling. Sometimes we need to color outside the lines to make sure our customers find what they are looking for and as an entrepreneur that’s one thing I know how to do.


All mattress that we sell are indeed made in Toronto, right at Finch & 401, we ship all of our products straight from the factory. That’s just a couple ways we keep our price low and specs high. Come see our mattress sale near Vaughan, I’m there every weekend between 11 am – 7 pm and I’d be happy to discuss your sleep needs.


The Best Hybrid Mattress

The Richmond mattress is our “best” mattress that is on sale at Dozy, it is the best hybrid mattress that our experts could come up with. It uses latex foam, open cell foam, and high density foam. For the laymans which most mattress shoppers are (let’s face it, the last time you bought one was 10 years ago), it’s highly comfortable, pressure relieving, and supportive. The top layer uses both latex and open cell foam which keeps the mattress very cool and allows it to disspate heat better than traditional memory foam.


The Summerhill is our best selling model, also another hybrid. Many people love hybrids because the coils won’t allow you to sink in too far and feel like you’re stuck. The Summerhill even though it’s not the Richmond will still sleep very cool. Since coils are hollow they don’t trap any heat, causing them to be disproportionately cooler than memory foam mattresses. If you like a bit of bounce and don’t want to feel stuck in your mattress maybe this is a great option for you. You can shop these models anytime online or in either Dozy showroom.


The Best Memory Foam Mattress

The Davisville is the mattress that we consider to be in style right now. With endless options online and other mattress companies toting what seems to be the exact same models just in a different box or cover, we have noticed what could be a problem. Many of our customers find it hard to choose which online memory foam mattress company is right for them and then they find themselves in our store.


We have designed the Davisville mattress to be a bit firmer and different from the memory foam mattresses that come in a box, and our customers seem to appreciate that. You can always find the Davisville on sale at a very competitive price: $599 for a queen size.


The Essential

As the name implies, the Essential is our entry level mattress. It will certainly keep you comfortable and supported for years to come. The Essential is a high-density foam mattress, and actually uses 2 layers from the better Davisville model. The Essential made sense for the entry level as we could offer our customers something more than what the regular cheap mattress could. We didn’t want to have an entry level mattress for our other models to look better, we want to be the go to company for people moving, buying their first house, going away to the cottage, something quick and easy for the cottage. The Essential has proven to be quite the mattress offering built in luxuries like no motion transfer, breathability from our quilting, and pressure relief from the plush upper layer.



Our mattresses are essentially always on sale or discounted. When you hear a place having an outrageous 70% off sale you must realize that mattresses don’t expire, they don’t really change, and they don’t go out of style. We have realized that having honest and straightforward pricing while keeping our mattress sale near Vaughan at a competitive but fair price, we can speak to a certain audience.


People who realize that no matter how good the marketing of a company is, a mattress is supposed to be durable, comfortable, and hopefully won’t ruin the monthly budget. Once you buy the mattress you will find it ‘cool’ for about a week and then forget about it until it wears out and you need a new one. Dozy will allow you to keep some money where it’s supposed to be (under the bed) and leave you with a beautifully Canadian-made, comfortable and durable mattress.