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Why Dozy Has The Best Mattress Sale in Toronto

Toronto mattress sales can be tricky to navigate when entering the market to buy a new one. Since it’s difficult to become an expert fast enough with so many options let us give you a few quick reasons why we have the best mattress sale in Toronto.

  • Mattresses don’t expire or go bad. New materials don’t come out that make the older styles obsolete, and since you can always cover your mattress with a sheet, they don’t go out of style. When you see companies offering sales with huge percentage discounts, we advise you to think twice - these mattress sales are typically an illusion! Those huge discounts often come from a purposeful markup that allows the company to lower the price later and energize the buying process. This can be very misleading as you may think you’ve gotten a great deal when in reality you’ve just been the victim of a deceptive discount. At Dozy, we keep our mattress pricing fair and consistent year-round - so you know you’re always getting a good deal.

  • Mattress shopping can be very confusing especially with all the different options out there. At Dozy, we price our mattresses in a way that makes it easy to understand what you’re really paying for. As our mattresses go up or down in price, you can expect that the only thing changing is the breathability and durability. For example, as the price goes up, the more breathable and durable the mattress becomes and vice versa. With this linear price structure, we make it easy to understand exactly which qualities you’re paying for without having to become an expert.

  • Other mattress companies often promise their customers the world even though most of their products tout the same exact materials, number of coils, type of foam, or specialty features. At Dozy, we offer a variety of mattresses at different price points, with unique features that contribute to the only things that ever actually change in a mattress: breathability and durability. For example, our entry-level hybrid mattress contains only 800 coils and one layer of high-density foam versus our top of the line hybrid options, which have 1100 coils and multiple layers of foam, including one with latex (the most breathable mattress material). The difference in breathability and durability is noticeable, and that’s why we always encourage our customers to feel the difference for themselves by trying out our affordable and more expensive models.

The Problem With Mattress Sales in Toronto

Mattress shopping can be particularly deceiving, especially when mattresses are on sale. Its hard to tell if you’re getting a good deal. Because mattresses are a blind purchase, you don’t actually know what you’re getting. Also, not to mention you only really buy a mattress about once every ten years - if you do it right. So the average person likely isn’t becoming an expert in time to buy their next mattress. The rule of thumb for mattress shopping from insiders to the people buying them is you aren’t getting a discount - you’re either paying full price or are getting gouged. If you see a mattress company offer a discount of more than 10% at any other time than black friday or boxing day, they are likely intentionally raising the price to lower it later. To increase the percieved value when it’s time to put a sale on.

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All Dozy Mattresses are equipped with upto a 10-year warranty.

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Your Dozy mattress comes with a 125-night comfort guarantee.

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  • The best time to buy a new mattress in Toronto is whenever you decide you need one, whether that’s because you’re moving or your current one is uncomfortable.
  • Most mattress sales in Toronto happen around seasonal or annual events such as back-to-school season, Black Friday, or Boxing Day. At Dozy, we keep our pricing fair and consistent year-round - so you know you’re always getting a good deal.
  • Most mattress sales in Canada happen around seasonal or annual events such as back-to-school season, Black Friday, or Boxing Day. At Dozy, we keep our pricing fair and consistent year-round - so you know you’re always getting a good deal.
  • The best month to buy a mattress is whenever you decide you need one, whether that’s because you’re moving or your current mattress is uncomfortable.
  • A reasonable price for a mattress in Toronto is whatever is within your budget. At Dozy, we offer mattresses for everyone no matter their budget; we have queen-sized mattresses starting at $349 all the way up to $1500.
  • Mattresses don’t expire, so you really only need to buy a new mattress under the following circumstances: your current mattress is uncomfortable, or you are moving and can’t or don’t want to take your current mattress with you.
  • At Dozy, we keep our pricing fair and consistent year-round so you know you’re always getting a good deal.

The #1 Best Mattress Sale Toronto

Dozy is proud to offer the best mattress sale in Toronto. We started from humble beginnings to a leading distributor of mattresses all across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)! With years of expertise and knowledge in the mattress industry, our sleep specialists serve Torontonians from our location in Downtown Toronto. No matter your sleep style, we always have your back, side, and stomach, and we won’t breathe a sigh of relief until you do.

Meet The Man

Hi! I’m Dave, the owner and founder of Dozy. I’ve been working in the mattress business in Toronto my whole life. I started at my family’s mattress store in Mississauga – helping on the mattress delivery truck. Today I run the top-rated Toronto mattress store according to Google and created a brand that truly reflects what Torontonians want. At Dozy, we work hard to offer the best mattress prices, the highest quality bedding products, and THE best mattress delivery service in Toronto. Since we are a local Toronto business, we understand what Torontonians need and how we can make each experience unique and fulfilling.

Sometimes we need to color outside the lines to make sure our customers find what they are looking for, and as an entrepreneur, that’s one thing I know how to do.

All our mattresses are made in Toronto, right at Finch & 401. And they are shipped straight from our factory. That’s a couple of ways we keep our price low and specs high. Come visit us in our Toronto mattress showroom. We’re open seven days a week, 11 am – 7 pm.

The Essential

As the name implies, The Essential is our entry-level mattress. It will certainly keep you comfortable and supported for years to come. The Essential is a high-density foam mattress and uses two layers from the better Davisville model. The Essential made sense for the entry-level as we could offer our customers something more than what other affordable foam mattresses could. We didn’t want to have an entry-level mattress for our other models to look better. We want to be the go-to mattress company for Torontonians moving, buying their first house, and going away to the cottage. The Essential has proven to be quite the foam mattress offering built-in l luxuries like no motion transfer, breathability from our quilting, and pressure relief from the plush upper layer.

Why Does Dozy Have The Best Price

Our Toronto mattresses are essentially always on sale or discounted. When you hear a place having an outrageous 70% off mattress sale, you must realize that mattresses don’t expire, they don’t change, and they don’t go out of style. We realized early on that offering honest and straightforward pricing while keeping our mattresses on sale in Toronto at a competitive but fair price is of great appeal to Torontonians. People realize that no matter how good the marketing of a mattress company is, a mattress is supposed to be durable and comfortable and shouldn’t ruin the monthly budget. Dozy helps you keep money where it’s supposed to be (under the bed) and leaves you with a beautifully Canadian-made, comfortable, and durable mattress.