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The Way We Save

By July 12, 2017Dozy

Too often do people walk in to big box retailers just to either get taken advantage of or not be treated with respect for trying to save money. We have set out on a mission to give customers clarity and a good nights sleep. We bring you the 5 ways Dozy is saving you money compared to the next online retailer, big box store, or hole in the wall mattress store.

We Make Them in Toronto

 We both produce and sell Dozy in our favorite city Toronto. We don’t need to pay any crazy shipping fees for our Dozy’s to reach you from overseas.

We Got Rid of the Middle Man

Dozy mattresses are only sold on our website and our official downtown Toronto showroom where we skip out on the high sales commissions.

Direct From the Factory

Dozy mattresses are shipped directly from the factory to your house. That means we don’t pay for expensive warehouses.

Low Overhead

With a Streamlined approach we have eliminated the fancy stores and gigantic warehouses.

Built To Last

Our mattresses are built to last. Instead of paying big bucks to change your mattress every 5 years, ours come with a comprehensive 10 year warranty.


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