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The Right Bed

By March 7, 2018Uncategorized

The right bed is not only difficult to find but it’s difficult to make! Dozy is committed to helping Toronto sleep better. By fine-tuning three mattresses which fit not only different types of sleepers but three different types of budgets. Toronto now has a truly friendly and affordable place to buy a mattress from. Dozy is not some type of online mattress retailer peddling one mattress, we, of course, have the option for people to buy online but hey, that’s not the point. The point is no one likes wasting time and furthermore no one likes to lose sleep PERIOD. which brings us to our first point.

When a company says “lowest return rate” there is something that should be known. Mattress return rates and exchanges are the highest they’ve ever been, and not for the reason one would expect. One of the largest reasons for this is because new online-only retailers who ship beds from far away places in little cardboard boxes don’t have showrooms. Oddly enough you might think that more and more people are having trouble finding the right bed. More sleepless weeks doing “in-home-trials,” more shipments and returns, and even more coffee throughout the day. But there is a simple answer; every single person has a preference when it comes to their mattress. You can tell if a mattress is right for you the second you lay down on it and vice versa.

You should always test a mattress before you buy it just to make sure you aren’t.. completely wasting your time. Dozy has a convenient showroom located right in the heart of downtown Toronto, all three of our mattresses are readily available to try before you buy, and we don’t have any pushy salesmen trying to lock you in. Have a nap, go home; bring your partner back and then maybe just buy it online. Delivery is always free and you can be very comfortable knowing that Dozy is the highest rated mattress brand in Southern Ontario based on Google reviews and we will work very hard to make sure you are comfortable – before and after the purchase. Buy your mattress with confidence and know that we got your back!



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