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The “Free Returns” Trick

By October 26, 2017Industry

I think its safe to say that 99% of people have been sleeping on a mattress pretty much every day of their whole life in North America. Why is it now that many big online mattress retailers are assuming that you don’t know what you like in a mattress. They make the average consumer feel like they have not yet built up a preference to what they like in a mattress. The genius behind this has created a system where you can buy a mattress online from your old bed (which you probably hate that’s why you’re getting a new one) and all of a sudden a neat box appears on your front step. Web retailers understand that unsatisfied customers return things 22% less than someone who purchased the good through a face to face interaction. Is this because most people simply don’t want to return the items they purchase because it is too difficult. You can’t just walk into a store to get your money, there are a few extra steps. Now take a moment to think about the difficulty in returning a mattress, that comes in a box!

To keep this post relatively short, many people are able to walk into a store and select a mattress they know will be good for them. I for one am not willing to gamble on the comfort of a new mattress and lose sleep over it. I know my preference, and I know that I may not like my old mattress, but it hasn’t changed what I love sleeping on, and what the majority of people also like to sleep on. Don’t fall for a trick for a company to get their products in your house knowing full well you will have to much trouble trying to return it.


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