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The Balance of Comfort & Support

By December 7, 2017Dozy, Health

The perfect balance between comfort and support is a very personal but an easy thing to achieve. Many mattress companies in the digital era claim they have “engineered” the “perfect” mattress for everyone. This is simply not the case nor could it be. Everyone is different physically, not only that but people find different things to be comfortable, and in the mattress industry, there is lots of grey area between what is recommended and what is actually preferred by the individual. So what is actually recommended, today we will look at advice for each type of sleeper, and we will look at two guiding rules that Dozy sleep specialists employ when helping you find a mattress.

Our 1st guiding rule: Your body will roll you over around 40 times per night. This means that no one sleeps on just one side of their body and you need to accommodate for this.

Our 2nd guiding rule: We never recommend anything too soft, of course we sell medium firm mattresses, but we are a manufacturer, we can make; firm, soft, custom, medium, different sizes, different shapes, anything. A mattress which is too soft and lacks support all together should never be purchased unless a doctor recommends.

Advice we can give: on a foot note to not contradict ourselves, when we list these statements we are assuming that the majority of people like to fall asleep a certain way, only once you’re asleep do you toss and turn.

Side SleepersSide sleepers sleep with the most narrow point of contact touching the mattress. Considering this a side sleeper will need more pressure relief from their mattress and benefit most from a pillow top, or something with a softer surface. Try to look for a mattress with a nice layer of memory foam (gel-infused or not) and you should have the comfort and pressure relief; your shoulder and hip will appreciate this in the long-term.

Back SleepersBack sleepers are lucky, they can fall asleep anywhere, they can get away with a soft mattress like side sleepers. A quick thing when sleeping on your back or stomach is you do need a strong core, whether foam or coils; to support your hips throughout the night. your back is curved unlike the front of your body, which is why having a good mix between a soft top and a firm support material beneath will allow contour and support of the lower back. When thinking about what surfaces support your back in day to day life think about an office chair or the seat in any modern car; they all care a lot about lumbar support. and your mattress should too.

Stomach SleepersOur message to stomach sleepers, which you probably already know this, and if not you will hear it here first; the firmer the better. the front of your body is relatively flat, there is no back arch, maybe a gut if you frequent the sofa, and no buttocks. There is one little trick to this, Your body has irregular weight throughout; your hips and shoulders weigh more than your legs and abdominal area. So if you get a soft mattress what will happen is your hips will sink in to the mattress and cause the small of your back to kink. You need a mattress that will be able to keep your hips propped up and the same for your shoulders of course.


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