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Mattress Sizes & Dimensions:

Choosing the Right Mattress Size in Canada

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Canadian & North American Mattress Sizes:


Single mattress size measures 75″ x 38″ and are most commonly used for kids rooms, guest rooms, students, and sometimes for single sleepers in studio apartments.

Double / Full

Double mattress size measures 75″ x 53″ which means a huge upgrade in width from the single size. This mattress size will provide enough space for two average size and height individuals, or extra room for a pet or two.
The double size mattress has become popular for condo and apartment due to the generally smaller spaces.


Queen mattresses size measures 60″ x 80″ and are the most common size mattress sold for the main bedroom. While not a huge increase in width from the double, the extra five inches in length gives additional head-room for taller people, or some space for a loved furry friend.


If you love space, a King sized mattress size is perfect for you! Measuring 76″ x 80″, King mattresses will definitely be great if you have a spacious bedroom to fill. Also, king beds will naturally transfer less motion due to the extra space between you and your sleep partner.
King sized mattresses are viewed as pure luxury, requiring big bedrooms and usually sold in higher end options.

Mattress Sizes Tips n’ Tricks


1. Measure your room

2. Consider the total height

3. Know your sleep needs

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We recommend you measure your room and set-up (including your bedframe), consider the total height you want, and who the mattress is for to ensure you end up with the right size.

For any custom mattress sizes, give us a call in-store for specific pricing.

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