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Can’t get to sleep? Finding yourself tossing and turning at night? It might be time to retire your old mattress. For the ultimate mattress sale in Toronto, shop at Dozy Sleep. We carefully manufacture luxury mattresses perfect for busy lifestyles. Therefore, whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side, we have what you need at the best mattress sale in Toronto. Find out why Torontonians are sleeping better with their Dozy mattress.


When are mattress sales?

It is difficult to determine the right time to buy a mattress. With everyday use, your body grows accustomed to the gradual deterioration of your bed. Which makes it tough to notice the negative impact your mattress has on the quality of your sleep. Don’t wait until you wake up with back aches. At Dozy Sleep, our prices stay consistently low year round to allow you to shop at the best mattress sale whenever you need it!

At our ultimate mattress sale in Toronto, our high-quality beds start at only 239$, with our most costly option at 999$. Therefore, when you are in search of a mattress that will help you sleep through the night, you won’t break the bank with a bed from Dozy. Furthermore, our 10-year warranty and 125-night comfort guarantee ensure that you will continue to rest easy for years to come.


What types of mattresses go on sale?

The typical process of mattress shopping consists of laying on dozens of mattresses for 30 seconds. By doing so, it’s incredibly difficult to distinguish between the different styles and how they will feel during a full night of sleep. At Dozy Sleep, we have eliminated this lengthy process by developing three unique mattresses that perfectly meet a variety of needs. Whether you are in search of a box spring, frame, adjustable bed, targeted pocket-coil, luxury pillow-top or gel memory foam mattress on sale, we guarantee the lowest prices all year-round.

Mattress stores both in retail spaces and online claim to offer the lowest prices during their bed sales. However, hidden commission and delivery fees are added to their “low” rates. At Dozy Sleep, we avoid additional fees by combining a trim factory direct shipping method, and go directly to you! Furthermore, we skip the middle-man to pass the savings on to you, resulting in the best mattress sale in Toronto.

We have combined the convenience of ordering online with the ability to test out our mattresses in store. For more information on our three mattresses, visit our website or stop by our showroom conveniently located at 101 Spadina Avenue to test our the beds for yourself. Furthermore, when you shop at Dozy, delivery is on us! Within a week of purchase, you can have your brand new, top-quality Dozy mattress delivered and set up in your home.

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Dozy is a local, Toronto based company. All our mattresses are manufactured in North York and are 100% made in Canada. We serve clients all across Toronto and the GTA. Unlike our competitors, none of our mattresses are compressed. We keep our distribution local, and our prices low! Foam, coils, and quilts that are manufactured in Canada are of superior quality. By supporting fellow Canadian businesses you help to improve our economy and keep our country prosperous.

Dozy Sleep is proud to help all Torontonians get the rest they need. We serve local communities such as the Entertainment District, Regent Park, Summerhill, Rosedale,Yorkville, Liberty Village,The Annex, Leslieville, Little Italy, Little Portugal, Church & Wellesley and many more!