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Why Buying a Mattress Online is a Nightmare

By July 12, 2017Dozy

Confused as to which online E-tailer to turn to, to give your hard earned dollars and receive your squeezed and rolled up mattress from? Why do they all look the same, why are the price points the same as the big retailers they tell you not to like, why do I have to possibly waste my time and theirs trying it in my bedroom, and most of all why do I want or need a foam mattress that comes compressed in a cardboard box? Well, one thing we are certain about is you definitely¬†don’t need it to come in a box, the foam part; much like comfort is subjective. At Dozy we are set up a little different and are exclusively for Toronto. In this post we are going to list a few reasons why the road of by a mattress online is confusing.

They look the same

Yes if you haven’t noticed one thing these companies try to get across is that when you go to a conventional retailer you can’t tell what you’re paying for! And they happen to be right. But know they have created a new issue; all their beds look the same and they all seem to be selling them with 2″ of gel memory foam yada yada and 8″ of other kinds of poly foams. aside from this once you squish and compress the mattress the final product is typically softer to what you would find if the same thing had never been compressed.

You Have to Try it in Home

No one wants to lose sleep, not us at least. Basically most of these E-tailers claim that their lack of a store is actually helpful to you! And that if you don’t like it you can just return it. Remember how you’ve been sleeping on a mattress for the last oh I don’t know, hopefully every day of your life? Well now they insult you by saying you actually don’t know what you like and how could possibly understand your own preference from testing it out, the policy is great but they really want to get the mattress in your bedroom before you can actually make any sort of informed decision. Could this be a trick?

Big Price Points

These companies offer you mattresses at many big price points, all just a simple memory foam mattress with generic construction. You can take a trip down to your local independent mattress retailer (or Dozy) and find the same mattress with a less trendy cover and name brand, minus the “space saving” shipping method (in a box), for a fraction of the price. Once you add on the nation-wide shipping cost, weather you are beside the factory or across the country from it you have to pay the same, and the trendy box and website, plus nationwide marketing you are really at a disadvantage.

The moral of this blog post is that instead of shopping from a store-less online retailer you should see who is in your area locally and exclusively; chances are they are going to have the best prices for the reasons listed above. You can buy your Dozy online or even in store and have all the same perks as the online retailers, but instead you can try the mattress before you possibly completely waste your time, sleep, and comfort.


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