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How to Choose the Proper Mattress For You

By January 12, 2018Dozy, Health

Everyone rolls around at night when laying on a mattress you are putting pressure on your body. When you lay in the same position for a while your body will roll you over to keep your blood circulating properly. So even though you think you’re just a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or back sleeper, while you may not be all three, you are definitely two of those. Due to the fact that there are no real facts when it comes to the topic of comfort because of how subjective it is, we are going to look at what could work the best for you, based on your sleeping position. We will also note which mattress type can work the best for you as well and why.

Side Sleepers – Side sleepers sleep on the smallest point of contact of any side of your body. It is important to not go with a mattress that is too firm to ensure there is not too much pressure on your shoulder and hip. If you have too much firmness it will cause your shoulder to feel stiff when you wake up, and also as the pressure builds on your shoulder and hip your body will roll over more often; this will cause you not achieve as deep of a sleep, and cause you to have that tired and groggy feeling when you wake up. The firmness we recommend is soft – medium firm. The type of mattress we recommend is a hybrid mattress or foam based mattress, the foam will really relieve the pressure, and if you decide to go with a hybrid, the coils can give you the extra support and durability you may need.

Stomach Sleepers – Stomach sleepers are at the greatest disadvantage, chances are your partner is going to hate the mattress you so need. The hips are the heaviest part of the body if you sleep on your side or back mainly there is the natural contour of your butt and loin area. If you sleep on your stomach this is a flat area (or supposed to be). basically, this area needs extra support to keep your hips propped up. If you don’t give this area the extra support it needs it will sink into the mattress and bow your lower back. This will actually cause your spine to kink. Of course, as we said, in the beginning, most people sleep on more than one side of their body. Don’t be scared to get something with either a firm pillow-top or a well-padded tight top. The firmness we recommend is medium firm- firm to give the extra support. The type of mattress we recommend is a continuous coil mattress, pillow top mattress, tight top mattress, or a hybrid mattress. We recommend staying away from the foam based mattresses.

Back Sleepers – Back sleepers have it the best. We could really end it there. If you sleep on your back experts say you leave your body in a perfect un-contorted and neutral position. This position granted you have a good mattress, will have the mattress doing all the work, optimally supporting the lower back and keeping the neck unstrained. you can really get away with many different firmnesses, but sleeping on your back works best when you have something that will let your butt sink in a little more but also give you lower back the support it needs, and support for the lower back is crucial. This is why if you do sleep on your back we would have you steer clear from cheaper continuous coil mattresses which the other types of sleepers can get away with. The #1 mattress recommendation we have is a Hybrid mattress with a pocket coil base, our second recommendation would be a foam based mattress. You once again can have the mattress come in any firmness, just make sure there is a good sub-support which you can feel working to support your lower back; on a side note, make sure that there is enough give to let your butt sink in.

A BIG THING TO NOTE: Due to the fact that when we say “back sleeper, stomach sleeper, side sleeper” we do mean that this is the position you find you most often choose to fall asleep in. As your body rolls around it typically is just doing so to allow the blood to flow back to the prefered side so you can roll back. Having said this that means 99% of people are truly a 2 sided sleeper, with 99% of that 99% rolling onto their side, keep this in mind that when you buy a bed, you are more than likely to be a “side & back” or “side & stomach” and to account for the softness required. Once again and for example if you find yourself falling asleep on your stomach because that is most comfortable, choose with a leniency to stomach sleeping more because your body will be spending most of its dreaming life there. This is also why roughly 70% of mattresses sold in North America are medium firm to accommodate 2 sleep styles and ideal support.


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