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Mattress Jargon

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  1. special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.
    “legal jargon”
    • a form of language regarded as barbarous, debased, or hybrid.

    *copied from google*

Many people don’t understand just how prevalent jargon is in the world today. Jargon effects us every day of our lives, so much so that to understand finance we hire accountants, to defend ourselves legally we hire lawyers, to buy cars we leverage sales associates (and we know how that can end up). Don’t over complicate sleep, it’s easier than you think. If a company has a new proprietary foam that’s exclusive to them, chances are the only reason it’s exclusive is that of the colour. Our #1 take away from this article if we haven’t lost you yet, try new brands… But don’t buy a mattress with mystery ingredients you haven’t heard of before.

The “Free Returns” Trick

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I think its safe to say that 99% of people have been sleeping on a mattress pretty much every day of their whole life in North America. Why is it now that many big online mattress retailers are assuming that you don’t know what you like in a mattress. They make the average consumer feel like they have not yet built up a preference to what they like in a mattress. The genius behind this has created a system where you can buy a mattress online from your old bed (which you probably hate that’s why you’re getting a new one) and all of a sudden a neat box appears on your front step. Web retailers understand that unsatisfied customers return things 22% less than someone who purchased the good through a face to face interaction. Is this because most people simply don’t want to return the items they purchase because it is too difficult. You can’t just walk into a store to get your money, there are a few extra steps. Now take a moment to think about the difficulty in returning a mattress, that comes in a box!

To keep this post relatively short, many people are able to walk into a store and select a mattress they know will be good for them. I for one am not willing to gamble on the comfort of a new mattress and lose sleep over it. I know my preference, and I know that I may not like my old mattress, but it hasn’t changed what I love sleeping on, and what the majority of people also like to sleep on. Don’t fall for a trick for a company to get their products in your house knowing full well you will have to much trouble trying to return it.

Choosing a Mattress

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The purchase of a mattress can be confusing. With many different options and recommendations by sales associates and the internet, it’s tough to choose. Which brand? What type? How firm? What’s the difference? After a long afternoon shopping around they all begin to feel the same; you can’t tell which model, from which brand and for what price? Many people take a day to shop around and pick a mattress from the last place they saw. Chances are if you are reading this you are not one of those people, however this may be your last stop.

We are going to look at a few examples of what the average person is looking for in a mattress. We will compare it to what our experts say and how DOZY can play a role in helping you achieve a better quality sleep, and how you can take back your mornings.

  1. What type of mattress do I need? The simple answer is that pocket coils are what most people choose to sleep on especially in their master bedroom. Pocket coils have been the #1 Seller in all retail mattress stores for decades. They are trust worthy and reliable and typically can outlast a pure foam mattress dollar for dollar. However foam mattress in 2017 are becoming more and more competitive in terms of durability, support, and quality. The option most people opt for, for pure comfort and the best of both worlds is a hybrid mattress. This type of mattress provides both benefits from the pocket coils and foam.
  2. How firm do I need it? Most people look for a mattress opposite to what they have purchased last time around. The mattress is the most put off purchase in the household. Since a lot of people leave the purchase well passed the mattresses done date it creates a certain kind of resentment towards that firmness. With that being said, many mistakes can occur at this point. Mattress can begin to feel lumpy and the padding will begin to ware out after the 10 year mark. The best way to make sure you have a mattress that will first and foremost be good for your health and posture is to purchase something that is medium firm. This type of firmness is also typically the best seller in almost all stores and websites.
  3. What is the difference across all brands? basically, there is none. Mattresses have been made the same way for about 40 years. Before foam became more common and easy to produce a heavy felt covered the springs to give you padded comfort. Of course this was done away with as fast as foam could be produced in a non- toxic way. aside from a few innovations in foam such as memory foam and cool gel, the basic principle remains the same. Across all brands the same materials are available via a limited source of coils and foam aside from a few brands with gimmicky proprietary foams. Meaning if there are 10 manufacturers in Toronto, chances are they know each other and are buying parts from the same place.

At the end of the day like we say, shopping for a mattress can be confusing. If you decide to shop around the best thing too look at is the specs first and compare prices later. Learn what suits you by trying the mattress in home or in store. At Dozy we have set out to streamline the process by offering three mattresses. One of each kind; memory foam, continuous, and pocket coil. Our mattresses are all made medium firm that way most people can easily find what they should looking for and well under budget.