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Western Society is Suffering From Sleep Deprivation

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Michael Rosbash a Nobel Prize winner, studying Circadian rhythms (whatever that is, probably something to do with sleep) states that western civilization is “chronically” sleep deprived. Michael, not only a prize winner but also a revered neuroscientist believes that sleep patterns have been skipped over in recent years as a public health problem. Staying up late and missing sleep for a night on the town, to finish a work project, or even to stay up late and binge watch a season of your favorite T.V. show will only result in fatigue the next day. It’s when you do this night after night then it can become a problem. We have broken down for you 7 signs that might mean you’re sleep deprived.

1 – You’re More Impulsive

Trying to make a decision as simple as saying no to a candy bar at the convenience store, or agreeing to work the late shift next week can become troubling. When you’re tired, your subconscious mind wants to sleep, when a problem arises your conscious mind is being told to make it go away. The candy bar can look very tasty if you’re hungry (mind you you become more hungry to keep your sleep deprived body running), or you can make your co-worker disappear faster just by saying yes.

2 – Your Motor Skills Are Off

Do you think about all the muscles it takes to lift your leg up, or put the key in lock and turn it? No, you  just do it and it kind of happens like magic. Tripping over a step or dropping your keys can make you a klutz but do it a few times in a day, that might make you sleep deprived. Doctors say the way your body balances and the muscles it takes to make movements is done subconsciously, when your brain is focused on when you’re gonna lay down on your comfy Dozy mattress rather than walk up a flight of stairs, well you might find yourself sleep deprived.

3 – Your Emotions Are All Over The Place

When you’re sleep deprived you can be increasingly reactive to emotional stimuli. During a break-up you may become more vulnerable, watching a sad movie might just jerk some tears. Even things that may make you you laugh a little bit, could cause you to laugh hysterically. Overall you will be have lesser control over your emotions while your brain tries to figure out why you made yourself stay up to watch that last episode of House of Cards. And when you wake up in the morning much like a night out, you will wonder why you sent that edgy text to your ex.

4 – You Get Sick Often

Of course, how could we forget. Sleep deprivation will run your body down, of course opening the door for illness and sickness. Need we say more?

5 – They Don’t Call it Beauty Sleep for Nothing

Just like #4 not only will your body be run down on the inside, but it will show on the outside. You may be susceptible to a breakout due to the hormone estrogen which balances itself while sleeping. There actually is a reason the call it beauty sleep.

6 – Amnesia?

When asked to remember something or trying to remember something, your accessing your subconscious mind. When you are tired and sleep deprived, your brain does have better things to do. Rather than trying to remember what the differential ratio for conversions v.s. clicks was last quarter your mind is stuck, wondering why you do this to yourself.

7 – You Think You’ve Fallen Asleep at The Wheel!

Ever driven to work in the morning and have a bad case of heavy eyelids? That’s your brain telling you A I want to go to bed and B stop what ever your doing I want to go back to bed. When deprived of sleep even driving a car may become dangerous. if you have to pinch yourself or shake your head to keep yourself from closing your eyes, that is a big sign you should take your sleep a bit more seriously.

After all of this there are a couple ways to either get a better sleep with the allotted time you have given yourself or just to make sleeping more attractive than watching that last episode on Netflix. You can start by, going to sleep on time, yes that’s a big one. A quick note to make sleep more effective if you absolutely cant get to bed on time, is to stop looking at a screen as far in advance as possible, the blue light from your phone tricks your brain into thinking its not time for bed, keeping you from REM sleep for even longer. Making sleep more attractive than Netflix is a tough one, but if you’re in Toronto you could get a new Dozy mattress. Just like everything that’s new you have about 2 weeks after the purchase where you’re totally involved in the culture, getting to bed on time, waking up on time etc. Then it’s like a new years resolution, you will probably forget and go back to the old habits. But hey, for 2 weeks your body will not be deprived of sleep, and for 10 years you will have an awesome Toronto made mattress, that you will have saved money on!

10 Reasons You’re Tired

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Are you feeling tired even after getting 8 full hours of sleep? Here are 10 reasons that might be impacting the quality of your sleep

1- YOU’RE TOO RELAXED – Research has shown that being too laid-back can actually negatively impact your sleep. Stress is a natural part of life and it stimulates your brain which helps boost the immune system. Tip: Try a new activity that might take you out of your comfort zone.

2- YOU’RE “BUZZED” – Research has led scientists to believe that using your mobile device before bed, can interrupt the way your body falls asleep. Despite being tired, electromagnetic currents from your cellphone stimulate brain activity which promotes your brain to send signals to your body that it isn’t time to rest yet. Tip: Let your brain and body fall asleep without distractions.

3- DRINK MORE WATER – Up to 60% of the human body is made up of water. A lack of water supply decreases blood volume and forces your heart to work harder which keeps you feeling tired. Tip: Live by the “8 by 8” rule and drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water throughout the day.

4- YOU’RE NOT EXERCISING – Without exercise your body isn’t developing stamina, which might be what gets you feeling fatigued throughout the day. Working on strength and endurance can keep you energized throughout the day and allow your body to rest more effectively throughout the night. Tip:  Aim to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

5- CUT OUT NAPS – If you are taking short naps throughout the day, you might find you get a sudden burst of energy and that may be what you’re looking for. But as the day goes on, that burst of energy will make it more difficult to fall asleep at night. Tip: Cut out naps throughout the day.

6- YOU HAVE NO SLEEP SCHEDULE – Your body is on an internal clock. Waking up and going to bed at the same time every day will keep this clock ticking in a timely manner. When your body’s clock is moving with the day, your body will know when it’s time to power down. This will get you the most out of your 8 hours. Tip: Use an alarm to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day, even on weekends.

7- HIDDEN CAFFEINE – A coffee in the morning is fine for most people and some can ingest well above the daily recommendation without ever having any issues. But for others, the day time pick me ups can disrupt the body’s resting routine. Tip: Once the clock strikes noon, limit your caffeine intake to let your body rest undisturbed throughout the night.

8- NIGHT TIME SNACKS – The emphasis is on snacks. Eating heavy, rich meals before bed forces your body to continue working to digest them. While your body attempts to digest those one, two, or three scoops of ice cream you just ate with your favourite show,  your sleep is being interrupted. Tip: Try to avoid snacking before bed. But if you must, try to opt for a healthy, light snack that won’t sit in your stomach.

9- SETTING THE MOOD – Your brain is programmed to react to specific stimuli through our 5 senses. Your body will use certain signs to determine what  This will send signals to your brain to start producing melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep. Tip: Dim your lights

10- BAD MATTRESS? – We all knew this was coming. Whether its your partner tossing and turning keeping you up at night or it just doesn’t cut it anymore, some people just need a new mattress. At DOZY we got you covered. We carry all Canadian made mattresses in all styles from pocket-springs to memory foam. We are our own independent brand skipping the middle man and bringing factory direct pricing to you. Never pay retail and try the DOZY mattress in your home for 125 nights.

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7 Ways to Relax.

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Life can get hectic sometimes, take a few minutes when you find the day is becoming overwhelming to unwind. With a few simple ways to achieve a calmer more grounded attitude, you can begin to take back your day.

Stretch – Standing up for a quick stretch gets blood flowing, and relieves tension in your muscles. This can help you relax after a stressful day. Some offices have changed from having their employees from sitting down to standing up, which engages employees more and helps with productivity, creativity, and physical health.

Take a 5-minute Walk – Take a minute at lunch time if you’ve had a stressful day, to go for a walk. Maybe walk a little further to get a bite to eat. This will not only give you the benefits of physical activity, but also give you alone time, and a chance to gather your thoughts.

Jam to your song – Sometimes listening to music can make everything seem alright. Classical music can be especially relaxing before bed, but listening to a favorite song of yours, especially one that you listened to at a particularly good time, can be extremely beneficial.

Write it Down – Just putting your emotions and worries on a piece of paper can make them seem less daunting. No need for a big journal entry just write down what’s bothering you and how it makes you feel. A good way to tackle any problem is to visualize and materialize the problem in a way that you are comfortable handling.

Look Out the Window – Don’t spy on the neighbors, but simply look at the tress and the grass. Scenes of nature can be very calming. The color green is the most calming color and instantly starts reducing stress. Also the reason so many social media sites are blue is to remind you of the sky. Exposing yourself to nice scenes of nature has nothing but great effects on the brain and body.

Be Alone – Find some time to separate yourself from people. Weather its reading a book, going in the back yard, or for a walk. It’s great to find peace of mind and to be able to do your own thing without anyone interfering.

Drip Cold Water On Your Wrists – When stress sets in head to the nearest tap and run cold water on your wrists and even behind the earlobes. There are major arteries right underneath the skin. Cooling these areas can help cool off your entire body, and calm you down.

At the end of the day many of these things can help but nothing can replace a good nights sleep. Don’t forget to put a high value on the mattress you sleep on and the time you set aside to get a good rest at night.