Free mattress delivery in Toronto

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Finding the perfect mattress that fits your specific preferences, is extremely important for getting the best rest possible. There’s a lot of things to consider before finding one you’re happy with, which we’ll cover in this article. Also, once you find the best mattress, you have to change it, typically every 7 years. The length of your mattress’s life depends on a few factors; original quality, wear & tear, warranty etc. Clear signs of a well-loved mattress become more pronounced and obvious over time and may indicate that it might be time for a change.


Buying a mattress online might seem like a gamble for most people. However, there are some serious advantages to buying a mattress online that you should really be aware of. We’re going to educate you on some things to take into consideration before going to a brick & mortar location, paying a delivery fee or using your own time & effort.


Shopping in a store to buy a mattress can be like buying a vehicle; sometimes not the most enjoyable experience. With all the options, the pushy salespeople and the awkward “test drives.” The experience can end with an unsure hastily made decision. Additionally, there may be a restocking/return fee should you not want to keep the mattress within the trial period. At Dozy, we offer an alternative experience. With no pushy, commission-based salespeople, you can consult with one of our friendly sleep experts at 290 Queen St W to ensure that you make the very best purchase.


Considering you spend roughly one-third of your life sleeping, Dozy is proud to offer a better option for buying a mattress in Toronto.


Getting Started


After a few bad in-store experiences. You may have had enough, and decide to buy a mattress online. However reluctantly, you may eventually notice that buying online offers more bang for your buck, which provides you with the greatest value. Besides getting the best price, there’s also the convenience factor to take into consideration as well.


You can actually try the mattress for an extended period of time with most online retailers, like Dozy Sleep, before deciding to return it for a full refund. Dozy offers a 125-night comfort guarantee to ensure complete satisfaction with your new mattress.


Most online mattress retailers offer memory foam products which are compressed and rolled for shipping. At Dozy we believe these types of mattresses to be of inferior quality. Tremendous force is used to compress them into tight rolls, which puts great strain on their coils. Resulting, in you receiving a mattress with considerable wear from the outset. Severely reducing the lifespan of your new mattress. We offer a better alternative, by delivering and installing your new mattress in the GTA, we ensure that you receive a brand new undamaged mattress.


Once your mattress is delivered and installed you’ll notice that it’s going to take some nights to for it to form into shape and break in.


Trial Period


The majority of online-only mattress companies provide one hundred days as a trial period for their products. Keep in mind it takes an estimate of eight weeks for your mattress to fully adjust to your body. That’s why Dozy offers a 125-day comfort guarantee. To ensure that you get a complete trial period to test your new mattress.




While prices for buying mattresses online are typically more affordable than in-store purchases, prices can still vary as expected. At Dozy our prices for a mattress range from $239 – $999 for single to king-sized premium mattresses.


Returning Old Mattresses


Most storefront companies offer a service to remove your old mattress for free or a small fee. In the case of online buying be sure to check if the retailer offers a similar option.


Returning your Online Purchased Mattress


Chances are that if you purchased a bed-in-a-box that you won’t ever be able to fit your unrolled mattress back into its original packaging. Some retailers offer a donation service via an affiliate company and will arrange a free pick up for return, in which case you won’t have to pay for a return. Most online retailers offer the option of a free return with a full refund as a way to sway people to buy online versus in store. At Dozy we offer our 125-night comfort guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your new mattress, for any reason, we will pick up the mattress and offer you a full refund or exchange.


Bed Frame


You don’t necessarily need any special bed frame. However, the more support you have the better. Most retailers offer a plywood or slatted foundation. Dozy offers durable steel bed frames at the most affordable prices in the GTA.


Extra Tidbits


When buying a mattress, whether online or in-store, it’s best to take your time and do your research. Do not just rely on the retailer’s word or on a single review. Check Google reviews, unboxing videos, Facebook groups etc. Use the many resources to help you decide by people that have already been in your position.


When To Buy A Mattress Online


The latest models/technologies usually hit the market between May & Sept. That’s why May—particularly during a Victoria Day sale—is usually the best times to get a deal. However, by using a local distribution business model and by keeping our operating costs low, we are able to offer our clients the best prices in the GTA all year round!

mattresses made in Toronto


Dozy is a local, Toronto based company. All our mattresses are manufactured in North York and are 100% made in Canada. We serve clients all across Toronto and the GTA. Unlike our competitors, none of our mattresses are compressed. We keep our distribution local, and our prices low! Foam, coils, and quilts that are manufactured in Canada are of superior quality. By supporting fellow Canadian businesses you help to improve our economy and keep our country prosperous.

Dozy Sleep is proud to help all Torontonians get the rest they need. We serve local communities such as the Entertainment District, Regent Park, Summerhill, Rosedale, Yorkville, Liberty Village, The Annex, Leslieville, Little Italy, Little Portugal, Church & Wellesley and many more!