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Why Dozy?

By July 12, 2017Dozy

Why Dozy you might ask? Dozy is a Canadian mattress company, designed and built by Canadians, for Canadians. Mattress buying has been a burden for many people. With so many options in terms of where to buy a mattress and then what to buy when you pick from the dozens of mattress stores around, the decision making process becomes cloudy.

With companies breaking into the industry selling¬†rolled up beds stuffed in a card board box, mass produced and sent to your home through Fedex, and purchased online, we knew. It was a bad idea. But when we looked at what that brought to the table for customers everywhere, that being a simple medium to buying a mattress. We saw a great idea. We allow our customers to buy a mattress via the internet, there are a few key differences between us and our competition. Crushing a mattress degrades the foam, causing a loss in quality. Why not take the road of higher quality and just produce our mattresses locally. These companies offer free shipping but who does that benefit, customers in Toronto? NO! If it’s all free then the people in Toronto who are really local, would be paying for someones “free shipping” in BC, or Nunavut, or PEI.

The brilliance in that idea was truly the convenience and the ease you are given when buying the mattress. No more stores with sleazy salesmen, peering out the window, salivating as you walk from your car door into their clutches. No more trying 100 different beds at a time. Expert studies have shown that most people enjoy sleeping on a medium firm mattress, whether memory foam or pocket-coil or a hybrid which uses both. The only problem is these E-commerce mattress companies only offer memory foam, sometimes pocket coils (cause you can crush it) and they only offer one mattress (for the most part). That’s why at Dozy we have separated our mattresses as good better and best however they are all the customer preferred medium firm.

The Dozy mattresses are all at different price points. The High park is definitely our starter mattress, perfect for people who are just moving in, for the guest room, kids room, or even the cottage. The Yorkville is our gel memory foam mattress, which is our middle of the road mattress. This mattress is a great sleep surface. Using the cool gel to give you that cool comfort, while the other two types of foam underneath are able to give you the support and durability that any coil mattress can give. Finally the Rose dale which is our hybrid mattress, is our best seller and the type of mattress most people use in their master bedrooms. This is considered to be our best mattress due to its high customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day. There is a lot to know and even more to choose from. Try a Dozy mattress in your home for 125 nights and if you don’t like it you can utilize our comfort guarantee. Understand that your mattress has never been crushed in the name of convenient shipping, which ultimately comes at the cost of quality. And know that our staff of highly trained sleep experts are either a short click, drive, or phone call in helping you understand more about the industry and our mattresses. Dozy is not a middle man but a source of Canadian made mattresses that come direct from the manufacturer, in Toronto, to your home to bring you a great night sleep.


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