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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Mattress in a Box

By August 11, 2017Uncategorized

Loss of Quality

During the time the mattress is compressed into the box, the cells in the foam begin to break down; the same way they would if you were to sleep on it every night. The only difference is that instead of a 180 lbs of body weight, it’s a half ton weight on a hydraulic press that’s constricting the mattress into a tight roll. As you can imagine, all this does is break down and degrade the coils and foam at a more rapid rate.

Corporate Convenience

Despite the hundreds of eCommerce companies, they all have one thing in common! They are all trying to maximize their profit by cutting costs and time. In most cases, this means cutting real people and real hours. For example, instead of hiring two people to deliver you the bed, they squeeze it into a box and call FedEx.

Higher Shipping Costs

But sending your mattress in a box doesn’t necessarily keep the shipping costs down, at least not for the customer. With all the money these companies save in manpower, they dump it right back into shipping these 70-90 lbs mattresses through a box in the mail which isn’t cheap!


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